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According to statistics, as of July 2015 there are approx. 1.6 million apps available in Google Play, which is followed by 1.5 million apps in Apple App Store. Thus, it became crucial to understand what customers are looking for. And, that is – A/B Testing. There are numerous mobile apps available in both Google Play and Apple Store. But have you ever wondered why there are only a few apps that have earned popularity among users? For example, a huge number of gaming apps are available. But do you know – why games like Angry Birds & Candy crush topped the charts while others fight for getting even a single download? – There is a strong reason behind this, because players were getting what they wanted, which in turn, made these smartphone apps incredible.

However, nowadays App Stores are flooded with apps and it has become important and difficult to come up with something unique to stand out of the crowd. Now, it has become important to create a brand name through an app that people can talk about. And, one of the most important factors for making the list is ‘Customer Retention’. If you are developing a new mobile app, or if you have recently launched an app in the market space, but your app is still lagging behind from the top-rated apps, it’s time for you to revive your app strategy and think of the enhancements you can make to make your app business centric.You need to stand in your customer’s shoes and try to find out the reasons why your mobile app isn’t as prevalent as you like. You will be able to find some great ideas for enhancements. One such approach that can help you – A/B testing. It helps you test your app and figure out which strategy performs better. A/B testing allows you to support your speculation with the data of testing. A/B testing shows results and the ROI of the marketing strategy that you have developed, till date.Today majority of market leaders engross rigorously in A/B testing to earn popularity among customers.Now, when we know that what A/B testing is and what we can earn out of it, let’s move on to figure out few simple, yet important guidelines for your A/B testing strategy:

Rule #1: Plan Accordingly and Appropriately

Nowadays, planning plays a crucial role in a project. And, once you have decided to do A/B testing, decide what you want to test. Your testing strategy could be a series of features and variables that you would like to test that includes text, colour, or button size that has the capability to convert the best. Now, testing will help you in getting the right results you are looking for. However, you are required to be aware of your standard results, especially the results which you are currently seeking for. Because only then, you can understand the difference A/B testing has created for your mobile app.

Rule #2: Start Simple

With mobile interfaces, even minute changes can make noteworthy differences. Getting started with small tweaks, considering one variable at a time, targeting the most simple and crucial elements like the headline, navigation, and colour schemes first is recommended.


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