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From shopping to hiring a cab, mobile apps are rapidly and increasingly becoming an important part of everyone’s lives. And, which resulted in increase of mobile apps, which in turn, resulted in increase of mobile devices year-over-year. According to a BI Intelligence report, purchases of smartphones and mobile devices increased 48 percent year-over-year and reached to around $8 billion in the second quarter of 2014. And, according to an another comScore report – In July 2014, it was found that over 60% of web traffic for the nine biggest US retail websites came from mobile devices and most of them were originated from mobile apps.
In a recent report, it was found that presently, mobile devices account for 22 % of all retail e-Commerce sales in the U.S. is expected to reach 27 % by 2018. In fact, almost one-third of e-Commerce sales originate from mobile devices and majority of them are through app sales. This sudden and rapid increase of mobile apps has led to increase in revenue and value, both for startups and leading brands. Most importantly, this rise of mobile apps is not only limited to retail but has affected to many other major industries, too including healthcare, enterprises, wearable and many other.  Be it gaming, entertainment or enterprise industries, it has become almost impossible to think our lives without mobile apps, which resulted in making theses apps as one of the fastest growing categories in contemporary mobility market. Let’s see some exceptional stats that prove the statement.

“Mobile apps are revolutionizing every industry”:

1. According to a Flurry Analytics study, the average US mobile consumers spend over 86 % of their “smartphone-time” on apps.  And, the study showed some exceptional stats like smartphone users spend around 2 hours and 42 minutes on an average on their mobile devices, out of which app usage commands 2 hours and 19 minutes.

2. As of May 2014, mobile devices account for almost 60 % of the total digital media time spent and 51 % of that time was due to app usage.

3. An another Nielsen report suggests that smartphone users spend around 89 % of their media time in mobile apps, and the remaining 11 % on mobile web.

By looking over these stats we can undoubtedly say that – it’s obvious that mobile apps are all set to mark their omnipresent presence in the days to come. Today almost every business is leveraging this opportunity to gain value and revenue, both. And, those who have not yet mobilized their business have started thinking over it. But to keep your business updated, every business owner and entrepreneur needs to stay updated with the latest trends in the mobile app development landscape. This will help them in matching the latest trends, which in turn, will help them in advance to survive the market competition.


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