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App store optimization can be the defining factor between success and failure of any app. And, the best part is app store optimization doesn’t have to cost you a penny. It can be done flawlessly for free with the below mentioned tips:

  1. Be Iconic

Your mobile app’s icon is the very first thing that your potential users will notice same as users see books by their cover every day. And, since it’s not an effective practice, users prefer to do so because it’s easy and saves time. So always ensure that users will only download your app, if they find it worthy of a download. So, while creating an app icon consider a few key factors including its visual elements, correct format & size and many others.

  1. Choosing the right app name

By wisely picking up the right name for your app or game, you can help make your app a great hit. Still App store search is one of the top ways that users look for while looking for the new apps and games. Let’s take a look at a few crucial steps that should be considered while choosing the right app name:

  • Prioritize the first 25 characters
  • Ensure there aren’t any similar names already existing in the app store
  • Use the right keywords to improve App Store SEO
  • Use URL Friendly characters
  1. Polish Your Screenshots

Mobile screenshots are one of the key indicators of functionality and experience for potential users. So ensure you let your potential users know they’re going to experience a good time by using your app or playing your game. Screenshots are a key piece of promotional material. Below mentioned guidelines and your screenshots will help you improve the ranking of your App Store Optimization:

  • Use every available screenshot
  • Get high resolution images
  • Place your best screenshot first
  1. Be Categorical

Along with the all other tips on this list, choosing the right category for your app or game is considered as the best practice. And, by choosing the right category for your app, you can make it easier for users to find your app on App stores. You can also look for other factors including: – Looking for the least competition, enter right categories and many others.

  1. Be Descriptive

An authentic and appropriate description has the potential to show the value of your app or game. And, it’s one of the best ways to improve App store optimization. Although, some app publishers and developers think that description text doesn’t factor into App store SEO and potential users don’t consider them a crucial factor. Here are a few below mentioned factors that you can include in your description to improve the ranking of your app at App Store like:

  • Prioritize the first 3 sentences
  • Social Proof
  • Key benefits and features
  1. Reviews & Ratings

If your app includes positive reviews and ratings, it can be a big help in convincing the unsure users if they are looking to download your app. However, it’s not the end-to-end process of app store optimization, but it can be a good help.

  • Ask referrals, family and friends
  • Engage with the existing users

And, if a user is interested in using an app or game, ask them if they’re enjoying using your app. And, if they say yes, then you can ask them to give a positive rating on your app. While if they say no, you can ask them for genuine feedback and try to improve the user experience.

  1. Analyze and Rigorously Test

As you’ve completed the above mentioned steps, it’s time to start with the real App store optimization. It would be great if you could just follow the above mentioned steps for app store optimization. Once you have everything in place, you need to rigorously analyze performance and rigorously test ways to further enhance your app store page. You can even take help from some tools like App Annie for getting advanced insights into app store optimization.


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