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“Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”-— Steve Jobs

Wearable technology has gained prominence in the past few days and Apple Watch was the most awaited product this year. It has been three months since the launch of Apple Watch and the results are not really good. Each and everyone has an awe feel when it comes to the product of Apple.  The same was expected from Apple watch and many experts were marked saying that Apple Watch would break all the previous sales records of Apple.  This product got a huge opening in the opening week itself, but gradually, the sales began to decline and the month of June was the worst for it. Since the launch of the product in April, it has been estimated that the product has seen a 90% decline in sales.  The early launch of the product in April saw the sales figure of 20-25000 units on a daily basis, but as per the present status, only 2000-2200 units are being sold on a daily basis.

Search for the Apple Watch has become as often as for the iPod

According to an analyst who previously predicted that – Apple would sell 24 million devices during 2016 has significantly reduced this figure – to 21 million – following the lukewarm reaction to the wearable. He said: ‘Anecdotal evidence suggests Apple Watch demand is slowing quickly’ and predicted sales for 2015 will reach 10.5 million – 500,000 less than his initial estimates. First of all, Apple was the company that gave technical marvels like iPhone, iPad, iMac and many more. These products were good enough and had a great utility for anyone but Apple Watch is something that can be mentioned as an iPhone accessory.

A vast majority of functions of Apple Watch like making calls, sending messages, getting calls require your iPhone and thus, you need to have an iPhone before you are planning to have an Apple Watch. But yes; there are certain other tasks that can be done without your iPhone around. Like you can enjoy the music with the pair of Bluetooth headphones; all you have to do is just sync music with Apple Watch via your iPhone and Apple Watch app. You can monitor your fitness by measuring heart rate, steps walked, distance covered and many more things. You can store about 500 images of your dear ones and can see them whenever you want. Other than these, you can also see the recent calls and messages, set alarms, timers and stopwatch.

The predictions of Apple Watch sales drop follow similar patterns by UBS in which analysts found drop in sales that was forecasted to be 23 per cent, and also said that the Watch is 20 per cent less accepted than the original iPhone when it launched in 2007. However, Apple is known to deliver masterpieces and we expect Apple to continue the same.  The company has taken a very bold step by launching Apple Watch. Right from its past, Apple has always come up with the tsunami of Apple gadgets after taking a long break.  Let’s wish same for Apple Watch!!!


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