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Today user experience is something similar to visiting a grocery store. And, if the sufficient stock is not available, user will not be pleased. So the pleasant time and hassle free deal is what user is expecting, today. Similarly, an app design should be highly responsive in the way that it should entice users. And, for that content should be well-organized and categorized. Let’s take a look at a few things for developing a future-friendly mobile app:

  • All devices should be able to provide client-centric experience

The design of the app is required to be consistent on all the devices. If a user experiences varied design of the app in various devices then, it’s required that he/she would turn it off immediately. And, at that time it doesn’t matters the type of gadget user is leveraging. As the user’s viewing experience should remain the same. A flawless and seamless experience across various devices helps in retaining the existing users and visitors with the brand recall.

  • Easy navigation in app

The key intention of pleasant user experience is to direct the user’s attention towards content. And, for that the design should be done in the way that it should hold the reader. App’s content should be well-organized, categorized and classified. This classification will help in easy and flawless navigation in the website. A user-friendly navigation system is basically designed to entice visitors to their intended space. Users should e capability to get the minimum amount of clicks. And, for that information should be made easy to locate.

  • Highlight crucial words as a focal point

Any reader who is visiting the page will scan the whole app page inspite of reading the whole content. And, if the visitor is keen on finding any specific content on the page, then it’s important to divert the user to his/her search. In turn, this will help the user to achieve what he/she is actually looking for.

Your app’s focal point should be an image. And, user’s attention will be directed first towards the image. As a result user will come to know where the actual content is located.

  • Enhanced functioning of Links and Buttons

If the user does not get what he/she is looking for, then he may get frustrated. Today visitors expect every link to be redirected towards the important content pages and not get a 404 error. And, for that visual elements are required to suggest cohesively about the action and should be able to indicate likewise.

  • Easy hand over of the entire browsing experience to the user

Do not try to include auto-play videos in your website content. You should always focus on enhancing the browsing experience. It should not been snatched away from users with locked scrolling bar. Your app should be in control of the user, if we talk in terms of browsing and navigation throughout the app. And, then only the app could be called as in total functioning. Your app should have a right balance of diversity and complexity in the app.

By considering all these factors, you will not be able to successfully develop an enticing website but also an interactive one.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.