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To establish business and increase its global presence, companies and brands are adopting mobile-first philosophy. Due to its increased popularity and high adoption rate, mobile apps have become the trend and addiction especially among generation Y. Today everyone is aware of Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry and Apple Watch. And, that’s why IT world is flooded with the Mobile app development companies, in recent years. However, there are many key factors that are needed to be considered while establishing the business of mobile solutions and services. One of them is – domain specific knowledge. If the technical team of a mobile app Development Company has an in-depth knowledge and expertise in domain, it will help in favorable results for expansion. Currently the iPhone and Android have captured the largest ratio of app market. That’s why today every client is looking for an exceptional mobile solutions provider. Here are a few points that need to be considered before starting a new mobile application development business.

Confused with so many Mobile App Development Methodologies

Native or Conventional App Development

Native app development has become the ‘need of an hour’ for many brands and companies that want to get their app idea developed due to the low risk and reliable results associated with it. This is one of the most widely used methods for getting your business mobilized as they give reliable results after the launch. Also, finding the well-versed mobile application developers who are adept with Java and other languages can be easily done. And, the chances of mobile app failure are much less because native app development is considered as the most reliable and bug-free methodology for developing an app. The only drawback of such method is that native app development requires a lot of cost. But, due to its reliable, result- driven and secured behavior, native app development is the first choice of many brands and companies looking for getting their app developed.

Hybrid Application Development

With the rapid development in technology, new methods have been devised to make coding simpler and feature-packed by using some languages and tools like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The reason behind using these methods is to get the quicker and efficient results. Also, the cost associated with app development using hybrid methodology is quiet low as compared to native app development methods. In order to cost-effectively and efficiently run the business of mobile apps, the hybrid methods of app development has been discovered. Some cross platform development tools like Phonegap, Titanium and others have proved to efficiently deliver best-in-class mobile applications.

Mobile Web Application Development

The mobile web application development has become trend nowadays. As it saves time and provides cost-efficient solutions. Developing a native app is much complex and costly as compared to develop a mobile web application. And, that’s why the demand of such application is growing quickly in the app world. But, mobile web application is still not as much popular as other methodologies are. And, that’s why finding proficient mobile web developers is a bit difficult as compared to native or hybrid developers.

As, we have already discussed that the future prospects of mobile app development is very high because every business of almost every domain – be it healthcare, wearable, enterprise, augmented, ecommerce and many more are adopting mobile-first approach. But, the growth of any mobile app development business depends on how well the company has adapted the technology. And, most importantly how well-versed its team is. However, there are many challenges associated with mobile app development business but it is one of the businesses that can prove to be a good revenue generator. By understanding the current market need and trends, Parangat technology has started its mobile app development services and solutions. Our adept in-house team of Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry app development has delivered hundreds of projects to serve clients across the world. We have a proficient in-house team of developers too for native and hybrid development.


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