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We all have heard – Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Uber. Countless others companies and brands have got transformed their multi-millennial idea into splendid mobile app. In recent years, mobile app development has become a multibillion dollar industry with extravagantly infinite potential. But, for turning your multi-dollar millennial idea into user-centric app, every business owner needs a company that can help them in getting app that can provide a competitive edge to their business. And, one of the key questions that arise is – “How much does it cost to make an app. However, there are a lot many mobile solution providers all across the globe. But, choosing the right mobile solution provider who is adept in delivering robust, scalable yet cost-effective solutions is one of the challenges that many business owners are facing today. Let’s take a look on a few points that can help you in knowing how much does it cost to make an app:

Storyboard your app idea

The best way to storyboard your app idea is to define what you want your app to do. Proper storyboarding can help you in crafting long-term strategy of your app including its flow and functionalities. And, right storyboarding of your app will help you in knowing the exact cost associated with your app.

Look for the top-notch app development company

By choosing a world-class mobile application development, you can get the right bespoke solution for your app idea. A right app development company will not only provide robust, scalable, seamless and bespoke deliverables, but also provides cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs. Sometimes, they might sound a bit expensive, but they will suggest the exact technology and right solution that will match your app idea, which will help in reducing the cost associated in rework.

Do You Know What Does It Cost To Get Your App developed

Know about the development team working on your project

The team working on your project should not be just a couple of developers. It’s a team who helps you in making your app idea a revenue generating product. So, it becomes important to know about the team that will be working on your project- Be it designers, developers, project managers, testers or anyone associated with your project. So, choosing a right set of developers and designers is equally important as choosing a right apps development agency.

However, choosing a right development company and team is important. But, the exact cost associated depends on the budget you have, because you will choose everything according to that only. Let’s take an example that – if you’re likely looking at around $120-150k to get your app developed. Then, if you break it down, it’s basically 120 hours of work per week i.e. an average of 8 or 10 weeks. Let’s assume you have two developers working on your project for full time – that’s around 80 hours, and then you have a designer and art director working half-time -that’s about 20 hours, and you have a product manager and an account manager coordinating, they are involved too. So, that’s the total 120 hours.

If an app development company for getting your app developed is getting expensive for you then you can always go for a freelance developer.

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