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With the recent technological advancements and expanding IT industry, real enemy of taxi cab firms is- near zero technology innovation in the past years or so. Today almost every industry has imbibed mobile-first approach including healthcare, enterprise, retail, e-commerce and many more. And, that’s why most of the people are still using conventional ways to hire a taxi or a cab. Still, people either wait waving on the roadside hoping to get lucky or call their old cab company to book a taxi, generally a few hours before. And, that has resulted in a lot of inconvenience and insecure as well. In last few years, Mobile apps have grabbed the attention of users of every segments because of it’s easy to use, feature-packed and reliable behavior. However, companies like Lyft and Uber are some of the early adopters of mobile-first approach. And, that has helped them in gaining visibility and increase their brand value and revenue, both.


Why To Choose Parangat for your Taxi App?

Parangat, being a leading mobile app development company adept in almost every industry verticals including retail, wearable, healthcare, enterprise, e-commerce and many more, has worked on a few exceptional taxi and cab projects as well. Through our taxi and cab apps, we built a product that enabled taxi cab companies compete with potentials leaders of travel industry like Uber and Lyft. Our crafted mobile solutions helped them in enhancing their services and properly managing it. Our dexterous team of mobility experts helped taxi companies in improving their performance and addresses their business pitfalls.

We have been successful in addressing some of the most common problems that every taxi or cab owner was facing today- how to reach to their customers as fast as possible and how to make the service more secured. With GPS integration and frequent update while travelling, we have helped many new taxi companies to solve these issues with a near-zero defect. We did in-depth analysis and detailed market research to find the every minute requirements for developing a successful taxi app. Our designed “Taxi App” for our client’s cab service company helped them in improving their communication efficiency between passengers, drivers, and shift managers while travelling. Some of the features that our taxi apps includes are – one tap ride, reliable pickups, look for nearby taxis available, sending frequent updates to passengers and shift managers, sending push notifications to drivers for new entries, clear pricing, cashless & convenient rides and allowing the assigned managers to overlook the whole travelling process. And, our feature-packed and seamless taxi apps have helped a lot of taxi and cab owners to increase their business efficiency.

Being a best-in-class mobile solution provider, we at Parangat, are bestowed with some of the amazing and highly skilled tech nerds, who are ready to innovate and give life to your sporadic taxi app ideas. We would be happy to discuss more ideas with you, if you want to manage and expand your taxi business by adopting mobile approach. As the modules of our designed taxi apps can help you in taking your business to newer heights and do more than you can think off.  If you already have a taxi app, but it is not working as per your business expectations, the also we can help you out by enhancing and making it more user-centric.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.