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Apple is inviting developers to submit their Apple Watch applications to the app store. Now, Apple is allowing third party developers to deploy their Apple Watch applications to the store. Developers can now easily submit their unique app for an approval and prepare them for launch on device next month.

iPhone app for Apple Watch

As announced, the Apple Watch will be available by 24th of April. So, developers can create their Apple Watch applications and submit their WatchKit App to App Store. Like other Apple’s applications, Apple Watch applications needs to be approved and should have other necessary app store features like app icon, screenshots and description. And, a developer is also needed to mention the Apple Watch support in the update note. A watch app must be a normal iOS app, that user can update in his iPhone device, too and can also access in his Apple Watch.

Get Ready to have seamless experience of your iPhone App on Apple Watch

Make your WatchKit App

Apple WatchKit includes – a WatchKit extension that will run on an iPhone device and user interface that will be installed on the Apple Watch. When the app will be launched on the Apple Watch, the extension of WatchKit will run in background of iPhone device to update the user interface. Let’s take a look on what all Apple’s Watchkit includes:

An application created for Apple Watch will contain full user interface. Its functionality will remain almost same as an application of iPhone device. It will allow users to fully interact and control the application like they are accessing it from their iPhone device. To provide the full glance of an app, users will be provided with an overview of an app offering a quick view of the Apple’s Watch application.

Watchkit will come with ‘Actionable notifications’. These notifications are built in with the WatchKit, allowing users to take specific actions from their Apple Watch.It can be said that a smart watch will work like an extension of an iPhone app, with the feature of wearable device running applications on it.

Designing and Development of Apple Watch App

The Apple Watch integration process includes rich notifications. It offers a wide range of functionality and glances. To run application on Apple Watch, it should be paired with iPhone device.

1.    User-centric App designing templates

Apple has provided a global set of enticing design resources to create a captivating and user-anthropocentric app, glance and notifications. The package includes various templates of interfaces, icons, notifications and glances. It will provide a detailed description of layout and size of controls along with different icon sizes and description information of text size and style.

2. Kink-free iOS SDK

The Apple Watch’s application SDK includes a WatchKit for developing applications, glances and notifications for the development of Apple Watch application.

Required App Store Meta Data

1. App icon

The WatchKit’s app icon should be visually similar to the iPhone application icon to let the users know that both the applications are same and connected. After uploading your app’s icon the system will re-size it for the app store and will apply a circular mark on it. However, the iPhone app developers are not supposed to upload that circular image. And, the design of logo should be simple and clearly visible. Also, developers are said to avoid using black as a background of logo because black is the color of apple’s home screen.

2. Screen shots
For getting the application approved, developers are required to submit five screen shots of the application. The dimensions of screen shots for WatchKit app should be 312 x 390. Developers are recommended to utilize the space allocated for screen shots and also avoid placing the screenshots within iPhone app screen shots places.

3. App name and description

The app description of the iPhone app and WatchKit app will be same. If the iPhone application contains Apple Watch application,too, then developers and publishers are recommended to not mention this in the initial lines of description to let the users know about an availability of application for Apple Watch.

4. Keywords
Keywords of app have the limitation of 100 characters and will be shared between an iPhone and WatchKit app. Developers are recommended to use the related keywords to utilize the 100 characters limit aptly. App description should be in English and if two or more words are used as a one keyword then, they should appear as different words with the capitalization of initials.

Apple Watch will be in the hands of customers on April 24. So, get your WatchKit apps ready and submit them for review now.


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