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Being a leading web and mobile development company, Parangat is delivering solutions across the world. Parangat provides the tailor-made solutions for building dynamic web and mobile applications that too without spending a lot of time. Our leading team of industry experts are known for working on all the latest and cutting-edge technologies and platforms including AngularJS, ROR, Node.js, Python Django and iOS, Android, Apple Watch and many more. Being a responsive mobile and web Design Company, we are known to create feature-packed and business-centric mobile and web solutions so that companies can reach newer heights and get into market place swiftly. Our team of proficient and experienced developers has the required expertise for using all the top-notch and leading technologies and tools.

Providing Solutions with AngularJS

Parangat caters to AngularJS mobile and web application development that offers the custom-made and best solutions through this amazing open source mobile and web application platform, which is sustained by Google. We are highly focused on result-centric operations so that our clients can achieve amazing dynamic views within mobile and web applications, hence empowering users to use extended HTML vocabulary for the mobile and web applications, thus showing real-time interactive sessions. Our best-in-class AngularJS development services offer a perfect tool and platform for the robust, scalable and cost-effective web and mobile solutions that are considered as light-weighted, responsive and robust.

We are working with many top-notch and recognized organizations and many upcoming start-ups, thus utilizing a SLENDER process needed for building, designing and launching mobile and web applications which make us the leading AngularJS web and mobile app development company, based in Noida, India. We have been leveraging AngularJS from the last five years and have served more than 100+ clients. The expertise at Parangat using AngularJS includes using the ground-breaking tools available among the developer community including Grunt, Bower, Yeoman to develop and deploy the best AngularJS mobile and web solutions. Be it AngularJs, NodeJS, Ember or backboneJ5, our dexterous developers have worked on all the major UI frameworks including Ionic framework, Semantic UI and UI-bootstrap. Bestowed with a team of passionate web and mobile app developers, we haveworked on different angular apps, which support various servers like Django, Nginx, NodeJS. And, that’s why we have earned expertise and became the top AngularJS apps development company.

Adept in Delivering Mobile and Web Solutions using Ruby on Rails

We have a proficient team of mobile and web designers that have designed hundreds of websites using responsive ROR web design structure. Working with Ruby on Rails means that designed page will work on all devices including desktop, mobile, tablet and any display device. Our designed website is engrossing and easily fits with the device’s screen size.

Parangat uses Ruby on Rails (RoR) to build scalable, versatile and business-centric web and mobile solutions, thus reducing overall costs. RoR programming is a trending and popular open-source web framework that enables RoR developers to write pioneering code much faster than using other programming languages. Our senior RoR developers are also adept in using Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, HTML and jQuery.

Delivering Ground-breaking Node.js Web & Mobile Solutions:

Node.JS is extremely scalable and robust in handling huge and dynamic database related to mobile applications. Services that we offer through Node.JS solutions:

  • Node.js API Development
  • Plugins Development
  • Web & Mobile Application UI/UX Development by using Node.js
  • Node.js Development Consultation and Maintenance
  • AJAX Development
  • Hire Node.js Developer for tailor-made Solutions

Parangat provides scalable, vibrant and versatile mobile application development services by leveraging trending platforms including Ruby on Rails up, AngularJS and Node.js development. To get in contact with our Full Stack development team and ponder upon our services and expertise, please contact us on [email protected].


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