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Today, if we talk about Virtual Reality, we’re closer than ever. And, with the every new device like the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, we are swiftly approaching a new era where virtual reality has become an actual reality. With the every new pioneering technology, we all know there are new opportunities. So, with the advancement in virtual reality technologies, there comes the need for effective channels to easily interact and engross with the technology; likely, virtual reality apps. As VR technology flourishes, users will need more business—centric apps so that they can get more solutions that support various devices and platforms and give best user experience. VR mobile apps are not just for gamers. There are numerous opportunities for wide-ranging of VR apps across variety of fields and industries. Undoubtedly, gaming will be one of the key players in the industry forever. And, VR has a huge potential for every industry. To name a few – education, movies and games are just the beginning. By leveraging this trending technology, people will be able to experience the ‘real-world experience’ that it will bring to the world. And, it is going to bring an enormous opportunity for brands, start-ups and entrepreneurs. In fact, in the coming 3-4 years, we will see businesses and start-ups completely focussing on VR.

VR has a huge potential in mobile space and has covered many major industries including automobile, retail, medicine, gaming, manufacturing, advertising and communication. And, in the coming days, immersive VR has become the first big channel since the smartphone that will have an enormous impact on all the touchpoints.However, many industry gurus and geeks believe that VR is only subset of the mobile ‘apps and games’ revolution. But that’s not true because VR has the capability to add best-in-class user experience. And, that’s why, we have already started seeing the potential of virtual reality on the supported apps and games in near future. And, undoubtedly, we are going to cherish virtual movies like we are enjoying 3D today.So, 2016 has become the year where everyone is experiencing the advent of latest technologies and witnessing the shift of emphasis and investment from social networks and smartphones to VR. And, VR is showing an enormous potential to mobile apps industry as well. And, that’s why many companies are focussing on this upcoming technology.

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