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One of the biggest industries, which are affected by the shift towards Smartphone devices, is Automotive industry. According to the recent survey, 1,500 individuals are currently looking to buy a car, approx 72% claimed to use their Smartphone devices in their car purchasing lifecycle, and around 52% claimed to use their Smartphone while looking for the new part. Around 29% said that they have used their Smartphone devices while selecting and reviewing mechanics. And, this shift is indicating an entirely new landscape, which has empowered customers to compare the prices, easily receive and redeem offers and coupons, browse sales offers and reviews along with the option to go for a purchase.

Automotive-Industry-An Evolution Transformers

Gone are the days when you’d have to go to car yard to buy a car. Buying a car from the yard is a time consuming, and thankless way of doing research. Here comes the usage of Smartphones. These car-search specific apps enable the consumers to search for cars easily and understand more about them than ever before.  Now they can go into the car yards with much more knowledge and information.

Apps like Carsales and Drive are helping users in finding the best prices. Kelley Blue Book and Cars.com are used to look for the expert reviews and organize test drives. There are various apps like Edmunds, which helps in calculating true market value of a vehicle, empowers consumers with an incredible power. Now Smartphone users can simply jump on social media to check the reviews given by other drivers, or can go on Youtube to check the comprehensive test drive videos published by the experts.

And, as a result most of the buyers these days know much about the car before they purchase it.

Being Creative, Being Right

This transition of customers on mobile apps has helped them in wisely comparing price and reviews. Few automotive brands are aware of this consumer transition, and are developing innovative and game-changing automotive mobile apps that can easily engage with their customers. And, that’s why they are adapting it in their mobile marketing efforts, too. For example – Audi is designed to draw an attention to Audi’s Start / Stop technology; new Audi models’ engines instinctively turn off at traffic lights, and turn back on when the accelerator is pressed.

Let’s demonstrate this technology – an app detects any incoming open applications that are not being used for long and sends the user a alert to close it, thus saving battery and making your Smartphone more efficient thus paralleling the Stop / Start technology in Audi cars. It lets you save energy by turning things off especially when they’re not being used. And, that’s why – it’s simple, effective, and smart as you can get.

Smartphone devices and mobile apps are revolutionizing the landscape of Automotive industry for much better experience, thus helping customers in getting ahead of competition and keeping automotive sellers honest. And, that’s why it is simplifying the process at both the ends, and making it conventionally a much stressful process; little bit more fun and exciting.

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