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Due to technological advancements and mobility revolution, number of Smartphones and Tablets are increasing at a very rapid rate. Today almost every vertical including Enterprises, retail, logistics and travel has adopted mobility to improve their efficiency and services. Like other verticals, Healthcare industry is also leveraging this technology to improve their services and customer experience. Today mobile communication has offered a lot of opportunities and innovation to help improve their healthcare and medical services.

According to reports, in next 5 years, around 510 million users will be using health and fitness apps. It the coming years, large organizations and mid-sized business will enter the health and medical industry by creating innovative and creative healthcare mobile apps. However, Mobile and healthcare is still in its initial stage, but there is an amazing opportunity available in this space. Healthcare apps including diagnosis and treatment along-with the coding, billing, prescriptions and many others have proved to a highly efficient to patients and healthcare centers, both. Like other verticals healthcare apps are also required to be wisely developed. And, for developing a well-versed healthcare app, it’s critical to consider few points. Let’s take a look at them:

Identifying the right audience

By spending time with your end users, you can know about your target audiences. In turn, this will help you to build various personas of the users. However, there are few features that can be easily defined by the end-users only and not by the developers. So the sessions and meetings with the target audiences are crucial.

Reason behind building a healthcare app

It’s important to be focused on the key reasons for building a healthcare app. There are a lot of enterprises and big brands, who are there to focus on the products, while they are building for users. Hence, it becomes important to find out answers of a few questions including – What’s the motive of building the app? Why users will download your app? What purpose will the app serves? Etc. So, by properly analyzing on everything, you need to find the answers of all the questions.


Personalization is the important aspect that should be rightly considered. The content of the app should be specific and it should be as per the user’s requirements. There are a lot of blogs and articles that are available and which  include general medical information. And, if the users will see the same and repeated content on your app, they will not be convinced to use it. Users or patient rely on your content and thinks that the content you are publishing is better, realistic and innovative. That’s why the content displayed on the app should only include required information.

Direct communication

Communication has always played a crucial role between a patient and its doctor. A healthy and engaging communication is what a patient looks for.  And, that’s why a mHealth app should include features that should allow users to properly communicate with the medical representatives and doctors. If an app doesn’t serve the basic functionality of communication, then it’s of no use. Emails and messages can be included in the app, so that the patients can directly communicate with their doctors or at least can send an informative email.

This will also encourage medical representatives and doctors to easily connect with patients. In turn, this will improve patient-doctor relationship and services, too.

Hope the above tips of Healthcare app development will help you in understanding the usability of a healthcare app. For developing a user-centric healthcare app, you require a lot of insistence and dedication because a well-planned and well-implemented mobile app can only result into a user-friendly and engaging mobile app. And, for that you have to wisely develop the bug-free app and be prepared with the ideas for the app that needs to be included in the future versions.

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Swati Mehta has been associated with Parangat for long as Resource Manager and her passion for writing has made her write about new ideas to spread valuable content via our Blog.