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The increase of mobile applications into every field of personal and business activities has led to the accelerated growth of Internet of Things (IoT), too. Like other upcoming technologies like Augmented Reality, Wearables and Virtual Reality, IoT too has captured a huge chunk of market. As we all know that the Internet of Things is igniting, and it’s obvious to understand why it’s happening. The latest sensors, pioneering networking chips and other ground-breaking technologies that are required to connect with the Internet devices ranging from chips, light bulbs to smart gadgets to user-centric industrial equipment have all become inexpensive. IoT includes connected “things” that are used to send and receive data through the connected network that are related to a variety of physical characteristics that includes temperature, pulse rate, light level, velocity, moisture level or may be revolutions per minute. It allows to share more complex data as well that includes audio/video and static or moving images.Today most of the analysts and geeks agree that that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be become huge with time. In-fact, by 2019, two-thirds of consumers are expected to buy connected technology for their homes. According to Acquity Group, which is a part of Accenture – nearly half of the IT geeks and experts are expected to buy wearable technology. And, recently, Gartner too predicted that – by 2020 the total number of connected consumer, business and industrial “things” are expected to grow to 26 billion units, thus, representing an almost 30-fold rise over the 900 million things.

Parangat technologies has capitalized on the advantages of this world of connected devices, which combines hardware, data analytics and software. We have a team of dexterous developers, who are expert in creating robust, vibrant and technically well-versed mobile & enterprise solutions. Our mobility team is fanatic & highly-focused on delivering feature-packed mobile enabled Internet of Things Solutions (IoT) for mid to big enterprises. Being a leading web and mobile development company, we have a dexterous and keen team, which is highly keen and passionate about learning new technology behind cloud computing by using cloud-centric open technology. We have perfected the measures for developing standard and robust cloud-based mobile solutions for clients across the world, thus, enabling them to leverage the enormous benefits of cloud computing, which helped them in gaining business growth and development. Our IoT Services expertise majorly lies in:

Mobile app development

Web development

Wearable technology development

Cloud computing solutions

Data Management

CMS development

Bestowed with dexterous and proficient team of developers and designers are continuously exposing trending and upcoming technologies, which enable us to meet the goals and objectives of our global clientele. Our in-depth analysis and expertise combined with passion for technological solution fuelled us to keep ourselves advanced. Our apparent methodologies, proven methods, growth potential when combined with IoT’s process enhancement opportunity, costcompetition and innovation that IoT includes has created wonders for our client’s projects. And, that enable us to accept development projects with great zeal. To know more about the Internet of Things and how it can be valuable to your business model, just drop a query.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.