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These days, Mobile Apps are becoming one of the most popular platforms in IT world. In fact, there is a good possibility that you might be reading this page on your Smart device. Businesses too are trying to leverage this upcoming trend and technology to help their businesses grow. And, being an entrepreneur, if you are not advertising on this platform you are, undoubtedly, missing your customer’s interest. These days, customers want every service on their mobile device as it is one of the preferred devices, which is always available with them.

According to Google: Majorly the searches are being done by using Mobile platform and they are explosively growing in millions every minute.”

This shows we are in the era of mobile revolution and we definitely cannot neglect that. Like other businesses including Retail, Wearables, Enterprise and e-Commerce, your laundry business, too should leverage Mobile technology because:

  • It will help you in providing reliable and on-time delivery services. On-time delivery, in turn, will accelerate your customer base.
  • Your business will be more accessible to your customers.
  • It will provide a best-in-class channel to advertise customer’s testimonials and receive positive feedback.
  • Enhance your social media presence as it will help in social media advertising to create fans & followers.
  • Improved accessibility and availability to support your customers.

As the number of smartphone and Tablet users are explosively growing, mobile apps are also being flooded. As they give maximum reach to your customer base, thus, helping in converting to more leads, if you provide client-centric services.

Benefits of having a mobile app for your Laundry Business

  • Once you have an app on their Mobile devices; your reach is just a post away. As you push any updates or information, you get the instant attention.
  • By using an app, customers can immediately open and ask for pickup or delivery services.
  • You will get an engrossing social-networking base.
  • As you actively integrate social media within the app, your app will start getting instant and maximum reach.
  • Helps in increasing your brand visibility.
  • You will be able to connect with your customers on-the-go.
  • Helps in Building brand loyalty.
  • You can share your customer stories to create an engaging social connect.

How Parangat Can Help You In Taking the first step towards being Mobile?

When it comes to developing a mobile app for your Laundry services that include monitoring and easing overall laundry operations in an automated environment, Parangat’s laundry app developers can assist you. We have developed many laundry apps that has helped numerous customers, dry cleaners, and pickup and delivery agents. Our developed mobile laundry apps and laundry service apps have helped in getting the automated reporting for dry cleaners, customers, and delivery service providers. We have worked on various laundry apps, which are designed to assist users in completing their laundry-related chores effectively, quickly, and effortlessly. Our comprehensive services helps us in providing all in all system that comes with a wide range of ultra smart-working options including automating monitoring stock levels, tracking cart, pick-up, trolley motion and generating bills. For more information about our laundry mobile application development services, check our case-studies.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.