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Want your player’s to look similar to their real life versions? Want better graphics in order to have a more realistic gameplay? This article here will give you a complete know how of how to install better graphics and run them on your Football Manager. Get ready to enjoy your favorite football game even more with realistic visuals. The action just got better. And before we start, we would like to inform you that this is the procedure to install graphics for all editions of the game.

==How To Install Graphics==


#Download the graphics. Download the graphics that strike your fancy from the internet. Read the comments about the quality of the download so that your downloaded file doesn’t turn out to be an unpleasant surprise. A couple of links you can use to download graphics are www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/graphicsdownloads/   and passion4fm.com/category/footballmanagergraphics/.

#Go to the ‘Graphics’ folder or create one. Irrespective of the version of Windows or Mac OS that you are running, go to ‘My Documents’, open the ‘Sports Interactive’ folder, double click on the ‘Graphics’ folder & extract your downloaded graphics file in the corresponding folders that is, the kits should go in the ‘Kits’ folder, logos in the ‘Logos’ one & players in the ‘Players’ folder.

#Change the settings. Log into steam, load the Football Manager & select the ‘Preferences’ option at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will open a new page. In the ‘General’ tab, at the bottom right corner, click on ‘More Interface Settings’. You will be guided to a new screen where you have to select the ‘Clear Cache’ button, check the ‘Reload skin when confirming preferences’ box & click on the ‘Reload Skin’ button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

==How to Install a Skin==


#Download the skin. Download the skin of your choice from the internet. One link where you can download skins is www.fm2015.net/Skins.php

#Extract the skin. Go to the ‘Football Manager’ folder in ‘My Documents’ & extract your downloaded skin in the ‘Skins’ folder. Feel free to download the .rar file after extraction is complete.

#Change the settings.  Load the Football Manager client, go to the ‘Preferences’ option at the bottom right corner of the screen followed by clicking the ‘Skin’ option. Select the skin you just extracted & make sure that the ‘Reload skin when confirming preferences’ is selected & after clicking on the ‘Reload Skin’ button watch the transformation take place before your eyes.

==How to Install a Background==


#Download the background. Download the background which you want to see on your game.

#Extract the background to the correct destination. It’s back to the ‘Football Manager’ folder again, go to the ‘Background’ folder and extract the background files to this location. In case, if there is no folder by this name, create one & extract the .rar file.

#Change the settings. Load the Football Manager client, go to the ‘Preferences’ option at the bottom right corner of the screen and select the ‘Skin’ option. Select on the background you just extracted, check whether the ‘Reload skin when confirming preferences’ is checked and reloads the skin to watch the magic happen.


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