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If your business already have a website then think – Does it makes your user happy or agitated? Do they use it because they want to or have to? What are the user experiences? – Your mobile UX should be the ultimate goal of your design which should be satisfying and making your user satisfied should be the ultimate goal. In the last few years, the influence of UX design has revolutionized the way users interact with websites, and how they expect to interact with it. Here’re a few top 5 UX trends that every web designer should know because website’s success always depends on how the user feels about that. New innovations and trends will continue to influence web design, and every designer should know how to use these trends, if they want to stay competitive.Web Service Design always remember that your website is more than a series of pages. It’s a part of a customer experience that is spanning itself through offline and online channels. Let’s
take an example – for purchasing tickets for a movie, users will look for multiple websites and will interact with multiple sites for purchasing tickets for a movie. If you’re planning to design a ticket purchasing website, then you must consider all the key points for making it user and business-centric. It should encompass all the needed points – user should get each and every thing at one place. If the user visits one site to know more about the venue, second to know about the artist, a third to check his/her friend’s schedules, and finally your site to purchase the ticket. Your site should be live not dead. It’ architecture and page flow should be designed by considering user’s mind-set. Based upon the previous experiences, your website is just another part of the service.  And, that mandates – all designers must understand UX fundamentals. In a last few years, more than ever, UX design is taking much more priority over more UI-centric approaches, for many reasons:

More and more templates: Many Services like Word Press, blogger and other CMS platforms are offering high quality templates, business-centric frameworks, which in turn, will enhance website’s look & feel.

User-centric and Reliable UI patterns: To simplify use and flow of website and to make it easy for the user so that the user doesn’t need to learn new controls. And, more reliance and dependency on patterns means a new room for experimenting with UX design is opened.

Easy Mobile Browsing: Now when the mobile browsing has overhauled desktop, more and more designers are switching over to the mobile-first approach. And, that means having a better grip of the UX fundamentals because you need to design websites tailored for devices with multiple user contexts.

What to Do?

Try to minimize friction as much as you can — Remove all the unrequired steps, clicks, visuals, or text and videos. By doing so, you can easily streamline your user flow. And, this will allow your users to accomplish the goals faster, which in turn, will help in enhancing the services. You can also draw up a user flow chart to visualize their process and can reveal what stays and what can go.By doing Prototyping early and often — Prototyping is not just something that can be
done once. And, testing with prototypes will let you know how your users will respond to the design without even any guesswork. For properly prototyping just follow the rigorous testing process before and during the design process — at least once after every iteration. Through UXPin, you can even add more engaging interactions to wireframes, which allows user to test their basic structure right away before moving ahead.Try avoiding waterfall approach — Don’t just pass on designs from one designer to another. Remember, UX design is an abstract discipline. For getting a captivating
UI/UX design, it’s not the responsibility of a person, but the entire team is responsible for delivering user-centric designs. And, getting inputs and feedbacks from developers, marketing, sales, and product management, will help you understand the customer requirement.

Hope, the above mentioned points will help you understand the points we have discussed in the blog. Feel free to share if you find it helpful.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.