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Nowadays, The B2C online business models have achieved new heights and have various forms. It has received an overwhelming response from users across the world as it complies with the rapidly changing human life style. And, one such business model in B2C businesses that is quickly gaining eminence, majorly among urban households is online grocery business. With recent advancements in technology, people are getting busier and occupied. And few factors like waiting for long in the queue, cost-effective prices, door to door delivery services and lack of time have induced even conventional shoppers to switch over to online groceries. A recent research shows that 25% of online shoppers order grocery products online and the number is expected to scale up to 55% in the near future. And, with the online grocery business flourishing, there has been a boost in online grocery website development. But currently the biggest challenge for grocery website owners is to keep their users fixated to their grocery store website.

One of the formidable challenges grocery owners’ faces after opening an online grocery store is customer retention. As a customer might have hundreds of reasons to go away with your grocery website and move over to your competitor’s website but there must be only one reason that will keep him stay loyal. And, that one reason is not necessarily having quality products on your grocery store. But it can be the user-friendly features, captivating designs and a flawless interface to offer customers an enduring and pioneering user experience, which in turn, keep them engaged. Let’s see a few customer loyalty strategies that need to be considered while starting an online grocery store.

Figuring the requirements for retaining customers & improving conversions

By properly understanding your customer’s expectations, you can exactly know what features, coupons and discounts you should offer, which in turn, will help you in reaping benefits from your online grocery website. Once the user gets easily whatever he is searching, he will become your retained customer because people don’t want to waste their time in browsing and always want reliable and cost-effective services. So, to make your online store engaging and increase retention, it’s essential to have that sync with your customer’s preference.

Harnessing the Power of Google Analytics

Nowadays, Google Analytics has become a vital marketing weapon because it provides insightful data, which in turn, helps in understanding the customers’ shopping behaviour. It helps in understanding the

Visitors – Number of visitor who visits your website that includes new and retained ones too. It gives a clear understanding about the incoming traffic to your website. It helps you even compare the traffic intrusion on a daily, monthly or yearly basis and lets you track your traffic progress as per the requirements.

Source – Source from where visitors found your website. It lets you know the source that has trailed visitors. It shows the source whether it is social, referral, organic or any third party website from which users are visiting your website. And, it will let you know the source for leads; which in turn, plan your marketing campaigns effectively.

Activity – It helps you know the pages, features or products users have browsed in your website. Activity analysis will give you a detailed understanding about the products that have been most sought after by your users and that haven’t got much attention. And, based on the results you can decide on the products you want to add in your website.

Outcome – And, the most importantly, did the visitor turn in to a customer or went away abruptly. It lets you find the conversion and the bounce rates. One of the crucial phases as it helps you know the key cause of the bounce rates and rework on certain strategies, which in turn, helps in reducing bounce rates and improving conversions.

Above mentioned 4 phases are very useful from marketing and branding perspective.

The above factors will certainly help you in knowing, understanding and serving your users better, thereby improving number of new users and improving customer retention rate. Over the coming days, we are going to continue to publish new posts in this series about remaining pointers on How to Build an Online Grocery Store and Retain Customers? Part 2 that would deal with the pioneering strategies that should be followed to getting new users and retaining old ones.


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