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Every marketer knows that a well-versed content is a secret sauce and a key element for web and social media marketing & search engine optimization.  For producing a customized and user-centric content alone is itself a challenging task.  An adept social media marketing strategy without well-versed SEO strategies may result into making your business unnoticed.  And, being a liable business owner, you may want your content to be exposed to your tailored audiences.  So, for crafting a user-centric marketing strategy, the first step should be producing a great content.  To get in the details, let’s see a few marketing strategies that will help you give an SEO boost to your business while leveraging social media strategies, too:

1. Selecting and inculcating the appropriate keywords that can resonate with consumer’s business pain points selecting and inculcating the appropriate keywords that match your products and services is one of the traditional SEO strategies.  But to work for social media and SEO together, you need to go beyond the keywords. While selecting keywords for your brand, focus on the business pain points and problems that consumer’s business is facing achieving newer heights. Think how you can meet the business challenges of your clients. One of the effective and best ways to find and search the keywords that are likely to resonate with your client’s business is to put yourself in your client’s shoes. This will not only help you in identifying the appropriate keywords but also help you in understanding their business pain points.  To help you with the appropriate keywords, we have enlisted a list of a few ground-breaking keyword planner tools:

Google Keyword Planner
Word tracker
Word stream
Keyword Discovery

2. Blend emotional rejoinders with relevant content

Some marketer still follow the conventional way of SEO strategies – Pick keywords, scatter those selected keywords throughout the content and expect user will entice towards their published content.  However, earlier this was one of the successful SEO strategies and has helped business and brands gain revenue and value, both. But today without creating meaningful content and sprinkling keywords on the content may result into bored and disguise users because today users just want a relevant and user-centric content that stirs well with their emotions.  And, if they find that content, they would likely find it interesting and would engage with it, too while ensuring that they could share that content on their social media channels.

To blend emotional responses with your content, you must begin with compassion.  Put yourself into your consumers’ shoes and think about how you can arouse an emotional response that can meet their business pain points.  A recent study analyzed that a viral content that is shared most can trigger the following top 3 emotions: astonishment, amusement, and enjoyment. So, a relevant search engine marketing strategy blended with emotions will lead to increased post shares and engagement, which in turn, will empower your content with engrossment and higher success rate. Hope the above mentioned points will help you infuse your SEO strategies with your social media marketing strategies.  Parangat technologies is a best-in-class web & mobile development company that provides SEO and SMO services, too. We have a team of proficient developer, designers and marketers who come with vast industry experience and expertise. To know more about us, visit here: www.parangat.com


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