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In the previous post we have discussed how a well-versed mobile app analytics can result in a successful mobile app. And, if you have a team that knows how to correctly apply or integrate analytics with your app, then you are taking the right step towards making your app successful. We at Parangat, follow all the groundbreaking tools and techniques that can help in making your mobile app successful. Let’s take a look at a few more points of how to leverage analytics to drive your mobile app strategy:

  1. You need to create a culture where it’s ‘Allowed’ to fail

When you are implementing a mobile analytics-driven mobile app development strategy, one of the key points that you need to discover is – you’re not going to make the right decision every time and every time you are required to try something new. But if you are going down the wrong road sometimes, it’s not like you are not trying hard enough. It’s when you measurement and analysis drive your development process; you are quickly learning which hypotheses are true and which are not. And, your wrong hypothesis will help you in knowing what not to do.

So, if you are creating a culture where people do not fear of getting penalized for failing, you are creating a culture where people can learn from their failure and can know they should not do. Mobile analytics is a great way of ending long-time debate because by using analytics you are letting numbers to define “winning” ideas. So, you have an app idea? – Then test it and get the right answer. As this is where mobile app analytics tools can help you.

  1. Develop a common language

Teams work well when they share a common goal. And, one way to advance this within your team is to ensure that everyone understands the company’s goals and objectives. And, you can reinforce your common purpose with the language your team uses to discuss about the app’s objectives and the key metrics that support them. By creating a data dictionary that well defines what your key metrics represent to your business and how they can be captured, derived, and rightly calculated. Just update it regularly as your goals and metrics transform throughout the app lifecycle.

  1. Make everyone in your team a business analyst

Ask everyone from your team to analyze your app. As in this connected world —data is the oxygen that has the capability to help users earn success. By understanding and creating the insights from the data, you can build a well-versed strategy. Furthermore, these people of your team can have the expertise that you are looking outside. They know their part of their business well, so you need to empower them so that they can help you in digging the relevant data.

Being a leading web and mobile app Development Company, we at Parangat has the capability to properly analyze your mobile app and help you in getting the right solution for your mobile app. Our team has the capability to properly integrate analytics with your mobile app. To know more about our expertise and portfolio, visit here.


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