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So, you have come up with some groundbreaking idea for your new app– Now,next what? –You need to refine and frame it into a well-versed app concept. But, before you start moving ahead towards app’s design and development process, you need to ensure that steps you take will take your app towards success. The first and important step is to – Find right developers and designers or Get it developed by yourself. Here’re a few tips to help you make your app successful before launch:

Find Right App Development Team

If you choose to get your app developed from any developer or designer, then you need a technical well-versed and experienced team of designers and developers to get your product developed. And, for that you need dig deep and do through research research to find the developers and designers tailored to your needs. Remember, you need to wisely choose your app development team to make your app a great hit because hiring a team that doesn’t understand you, or your vision, can definitely spoil your app.

Marketing, Advertising and Generating Buzz

After finding the right appdevelopment team, the next step is generating buzz of your app on social media and across all the channels, where people can talk about your app. Here are a few ways that can help you in generating buzz of your ideas:

Tech Blogs and Forums

You can write a tech blog for your app and sum it with the previews of the user-engaging features that your app have. You may also include videos, photos; screenshot or anything you think can help in making your app a big hit or can embolden people for talking about your app. Try to apply demo of your app in the tech blogs and forums so that users can get an exact idea of how your app works. And, if you have already released your app, then don’t forget to include your app’s appstore’s link so that users can easily find and download your app.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Every app needs proper appstore marketing strategy. And, after the launch of Google’s API, writing appropriate content for app that includes app description and app title increases the chances of getting your app discovered in the appstore. While creating content for your app and its promotional website (if any), try to add all the appropriate keywords to get your app discovered.

Do through research

Before launching your app, you need to do proper research and find answers of some questions like – who your app’s target audiences are? What are your app’s target demographics? What all your competitor apps have? What’s right time for launch of your app?What’sa competitor’apps ’marketing strategy and what is their revenue model?and many more questions. Moreover, launching app giveaways, running contests and previewing demos are just a few more ways to make your app a great hit.

User Experience

Ask people to test your app before launch to create buzz and anxiousness. This will help in marketing and generating buzz of your app. The more people will talk about your app, more buzz will be generated before launch of your app.

Press Release and App review Websites

Before you launch your app, be sure to have a press release on famous PR sites and try to connect with review websites, so that they can share their opinion on app, if possible before launch. Making presence on media outlets such as tech blogs, and app review sites can also help in generating buzz.

Logo and Screenshots

Design plays a very important role in making an app a great hit. It is the first thing that stops user while searching for app in Appstore. An app’s logo is the face of your new app, and it’s a medium of recognizing and remembering your app. Apart, from having a captivating logo, enticing screenshots can also help in gaining visibility and converting visitors into users. App’s design is an exceptional trademark that has the capability to make your app stand out in the competitive market.

Video Previews- Because anticipation is the Key!

Giving your clients a visual app experience before they actually get the actual in app experience helps in generating buzz. By using different great screen capturing video software,you can create great app videos, which can help users to get a complete walk through of your apps features. And, by uploading the cinematic experience to YouTube can help you in gaining an early audience.

Above mentioned points can help you in making your app a great hit and save it from losing in the ocean of appstore, which is flooded with millions of apps in the app store. Always remember that marketing your app is just as important as the idea, designing and development.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.