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Within 2-3 seconds, a visitor decides whether he wants to stay on the page or bounce off to a website that is offering something better. There could be many reasons that makes visitor to leave website. But one of the common reasons is facing specific challenges while completing few actions. This resistance of the visitor could either be a result of lack of information, bad layout, or vague message that website is reflecting. Your website’s landing page’s aim should be to convince the visitor to make a purchase. For that you have to meet the challenges and remove all the barriers that are creating hindrance in sales funnel.

Clear the Mess

The first step to create a successful website is – start clearing off the clutter. That means remove all the unnecessary elements and functionalities that are hampering your app’s navigation or making flow confusing. As needless elements and features on the website create friction and deviate visitors from the goal of making purchase on the website. Don’t forget to remove the unrequited links from the website and other pages to make flawless user experience of your e-commerce website.

Eradicate Slow Loading

One of the key challenges for e-commerce website is slow page loading. Today user is information-centric and wants fast access to information. With the rapid change in technological innovations, the speed of accessing the information on the Internet has increased tremendously on an average. And, that’s why users don’t prefer to visit those websites that take more than 2 seconds to load. Around 40% of the customers leave the website right away if it is taking more than usual to load. That’s why slow page loading has become one of the chief friction makers on a website and should be prioritized while optimizing your website for user conversions.

Add Trust Seals

When visitors visit your e-commerce website for the first time they ensure they that have made right decision. By incorporating trust seals like contact features, payment assurance features and various communication methods, you are providing few more reasons to the visitors to trust the website and make a purchase without any hassle. Once the buyer finds a trust seal on the website, he feels much more confident about making a purchase on your website.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Promote those products on your website that offer effective and multiple payment options to the buyers. As ineffective payment option makes buyers anxious and they leave your website without having the purchase. Ensure to have the sound payment gateway support through cash, credit cards, debit cards, Paypal and net banking etc.

Add Right Filters

It’s important for web designers to add the right search filters at place, especially if it has lots of products. Because right filters help in keeping things sorted and organized and today’s users want quick access to every feature and functionality. If you have so many products on your website, it might get difficult for the visitor to easily find the product he is looking for. This in turn, often makes user anxious and adds to the frustration and he may leave the website without making any purchase.

Add Client Testimonials

To retain users and maintain the trust factor on your website, add client testimonials and reviews that reflect the strength for your business. According to reports, 61% of the buyers look to the client’s testimonials before making any purchase.

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