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The travel and touring industry is booming and with a turnover of over 5 trillion dollars which is still growing, mobile app have become an important part of travel and tourism industry, too. Today mobile apps have completely revolutionized the way travelers plan their trips and vacation. And, with rapid advancements in technology, people today don’t rely on maps, compasses, and assisting guidebooks for traveling. They want a handy product that they can use anywhere and anytime. And, mobile applications have emerge the same for them. A well-versed mobile app has becomeimportant for them for doing all their travelling touring tasks including find near-by tourist places, research of new travelling places, easy booking of hotel and tickets, using map to find locations, finding goodfood-courts and restaurants in a specific range and other traveling related assistance. We can say that the increasing customer engagement of mobile apps have fortified the affinity between travel and mobile app industry. And, that’s why travel companies are hastening to invest in mobile applications. According to recent surveys the search-related assistance has increased manifold times and consumers are making more bookings and in-app purchases through mobile apps for travel.Handhelds have been in a current phase right from the advancement of technology. And, quarterly shifts in the upcoming technology makes it next to impossible for us to zero down on any one app. Travel apps have been the calling and are called out more so that we can have an easy and smooth experience. For all kinds of personas and various sorts of experiences, the app industry has taken the user from being a tourist to traveler. Where people spend their five days in a five by five cubicle, a simple expedition that takes them away from work is in itself an experience.

Let’s take a look on the reasons that make the travel apps need of an hour:

Higher Reach: This industry lives by its word when we say that we are living in a global village. Apps that don’t particularly revolve around travel queries have also changed the face of this industry. They may range from weather updates to having hands on amazing locales.

Easily Manageable and user-centric: From managing data roaming charges to providing databases for security purposes, travel has been transformed into a whole new lifestyle in itself. From workaholic bosses who can’t get their screens on sleep mode to that tech developer who just wants to shove down drinks to unwind responsibly, the apps have emerged and spanned across for all kinds of needs.

Available Anytime and Anywhere: An individual cannot drift into oblivion with so many apps already taking responsibility to keep them glued to whatever they hold dear. They can operate from wherever they want till whenever they like.

The app industry has simply understood the users and act as their second skin. Travel space has become a social norm. Many apps bring together users with same essence of travelling. They take all these enthusiasts as one entity and offer them plethora of experiences. They’ve certainly changed the scenario and are on a spree to an unstoppable adrenal experience. Let’s just follow it where it takes us.

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