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In the marathon of technology Apple Inc has set a new benchmark for other Smartphone companies by launching its flagship Apple Watch. Moving one step ahead from its competitors, Apple has proven why this company is remained one of the top-notch companies in the premium Smartphone segment. When it comes to the features of this watch, it is loaded with some high-end features such as fitness tracking, health oriented features, send and receive calls, and integration with the iOS and other Apple products seamlessly. This square shaped watch is like a mini iPhone which seamlessly provide all functions to the users. One can install hundreds of apps as per the requirements.

There are three categories of Apple Watch to buy for the customers – Apple Watch, 18 K gold Apple watch and Apple Watch Sport. All varieties of Apple Watch boast of long-lasting battery life (18 hours). Plus, it is featured with Mega Safe wireless charger. In case the battery of the watch depletes more than 10 percent, it will automatically switch into power reserve mode. The users will be able to read time only for next 72 hours, however, once the watch is charged, it will back into normal mode with all functions and features of the watch.

Glances on Apple Watch

Certainly, this premium feature-packed Smart Watch has myriad of features that lure the customers.

  • Its captivating design features pressure-sensitive touch screen along with interchangeable straps.
  • Apple Inc does not market this watch as being completely waterproof but indeed it can withstand splashes of rain.
  • This watch comes with 8 GB of storage wherein users can use 2 GB storage for music files and 75 MB for image storage.
  • Once the Apple Watch is integrated or paired with the iOS, all photos and music files will be available in Apple Watch.
  • As far as software is concerned, Apple Watch runs on WatchOS, 1.0.1, which is latest released software with bug-fixes, improvements and additional language and emoji.
  • Battery life which only stands for 18 hours (less than a day), it works on iphone 5 or uprgade version of iPhone.
  • Sometimes users experience trouble in interface, and can create trouble in communication when it is paired with device.

The bottom line is that Apple Watch is a wisely-designed, well-constructed and a featured-packed device. Recommended and must-have device for iOS users. However, some updates and improvements are required to make it more significant for the users. Apple hasn’t launched a new product category since the iPad in 2007. And it remains to be seen if the Watch will have a similar impact on trending market.  But one thing is sure, with this being the first and foremost generation of the Watch in the market and with Apple’s commitment to staying at the top, the best is yet to come.


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