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We have shared few crucial points in our previous post, where we have discussed how and why soft launch plays an important role in the success of any app. Remaining points we will be discussing in this post:

  1. Testing App Store Performance

The App store is flooded with lots and lots of apps. And, that’s why apps are lost among the thousands of other apps, which are already fighting for attention. However, there are numerous ways that ensure that you rightly enter the market strategically by properly understanding how well your app will work. And, this small scale test will figure out areas that need ASO adjustments. Now it has become crucial to properly understand your goals and properly craft effective strategies before hard launch. You need to know what to properly measure in order to make data-focused decisions for delivering a successful app.

  1.   Data You Should be Collecting During a Soft Launch

Now when you are familiar with the benefits of app’s soft launch and your overall goals, you are required to determine what you need to measure prior to your app’s launch. So, it has become important to measure and track both – user acquisition and user experience. The right UA will help you properly understand from where your new users are coming, how much they will cost, and how much revenue they will generate. By measuring the UX, you can track user’s behavior including what features they are actually looking for and what are their pain points. It’s the only thing, which is required to acquire a steady influx of users. Here are a few key data points that will help you in properly analyzing:

  1.   Usability

First step that you need to follow is – you need to properly monitor how users navigate within the app. Are they discarding it at any specific spot within the app? You need to ensure that you meet all the challenges that may result in user’s abandoning your app.

  1.   Lifetime Value

Have you ever thought? – What’s your Average Revenue per User (ARPU)? You might be having in-app purchases or having ad placements to generate revenue, but unless you give a right test run before releasing it to the primary market, you would not be able to know which revenue streams are the most successful. Soft launch of an app will allow you to understand how much revenue you can generate and from where.

  1.   ASO

ASO is an important tool that can help you in understanding how well your app is performing in the App store. By imbibing the right ASO strategies, you can find the lags and advantages of your app through the app store search. ASO will help you in getting the answers of few crucial questions like – are the creatives (screenshots, icons, etc.) are compelling enough to entice new users? You can use ASO data to tailor your keyword options, creatives and app description so that you can attract more users.

So, by choosing a soft launch approach, you can prove to be extremely informational and valuable. It not helps in the initial user acquisition phase of the product lifecycle but also provides you an in-depth insight on what your users want prior to the preparation for your hard launch. With the soft launch, you’ll be able to collect patterns of user’s behavior, define success factors and business pain points. It will help you in understanding how users interact with your app. So, wisely choose the right soft launch strategy that can help you in getting the right steps without jeopardizing the overall success of your mobile app.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.