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A well-versed design and development team can’t guarantee a business-centric mobile app. Today, when there are over 1 million apps already available in the App Store, it has become harder for marketers and publishers than ever to stand out from the crowd. Before you start developing your app, let’s figure out the challenges associated for developing an app.

4 Mobile App Development Challenges

Creating Your Niche

There are many entrepreneurs, who think that developing another version of Whats app, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter with a minimalist twist can be helpful and, will let them develop the next best thing for the app market. But instead of mimicking others idea, it is always advisable to come with your own unique one. And, once you are done with idea part, start finding the particular demographic; understand your target audience’s needs and more specifically what they are actually missing. And, if your app idea has already been developed, then try to assess what they are missing that you can add.

App Stores Flooded with Apps, hence more competition

With recent technological advancements, mobile space are flooded with more and more apps, which resulted in more and more app development companies, which in turn, lead to higher competition.  And, these big companies are dominating the advertising game by buying up all that precious ad space. Even the search algorithm that Apple utilizes obliges the app developers and publishers that are lower ranked to spend more and more money to attain higher app store ranking. Big companies and enterprises are also depending on the advertising platform on Facebook and Google, thus, elevating the price of ads significantly. And, because of this, newly launched apps need to think differently and outside the box to get the word out and come up something revenue-centric.

Difficulty in finding and targeting loyal users

Finding the loyal users has always been a problem for every business. And, same goes with the app development marketplaces, too. Be it your friends at home, or any club, finding a pool of targeted and loyal users is one of the key challenges for developers.  And, to find those loyal users, who not only installs your app, but also keep using it in their daily lives is also important.

One of the best solutions to this challenge is – Try to engage your users by letting them know – why your app is special and how it stands out from the rest of the crowd.  Easily submit your app to the iTunes store by following App store’s guidelines.  Planning a press media release is also something that could help you in getting some early buzz in your target marketplace.  By crafting a well-versed media release plans; you could also offer promo codes to your users, thus, availing your users with an incentive plan and thus they would love to come and explore your app further.  You can adopt certain other marketing strategies like – commenting on appropriate forums that might be relevant to your app, or to your target audiences.  Try to hit new Tech forums and meet ups so that you can get early adopters, who can give genuine feedbacks and suggestions. You can go for guest blogging as well and write blogs that target your ideal users.

Always remember– to make any app popular and create buzz, PR and social media is always helpful.

Proper Testing, Monitoring and QA

By rigorously testing your app and getting its UAT done through active participants can help you in gathering relevant feedback and information.  You can also gain support from different top-notch analytics companies. They will help evaluate the exact challenges and help you inform what to apply and take out of your app.

Parangat’s testing team recommends publishing an initial beta testing stage to number of users, thus, making it easier to scale your app’s performance. And, never, ever, make assumptions about what potential users want. Always do in-depth research, and check what your beta testers think the app should improve.  By testing the core of your product with beta testers, then through thorough research will help you in knowing what all other features should be added in the app before its final launch.

And, most importantly keep updated with changes and advancements in the platform or specific to your app. As by staying updated with different movements in app platforms you can always be updated and move forward in the app game.



Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.