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SEO is always changing. And, it has turned into electrifying times for mobile app developers competing to get their hard work noticed in the marketplace. But have you ever thought? – How this revolutionary playing field can ensure that your app should gets noticed by your potential customers through the search engines? Let’s take a look on the top tips and make app indexing work for you: To meet the SEO criteria, the first and foremost thing that you need to ensure is that your app should meet the App indexing criteria and should be fully customized for online search. Here’s how:

1. Your website should be optimised

Search engines are unable to properly index content directly from a mobile app, so your website content should be optimised according to your website.  To meet all the app indexing criteria, you need to ensure that the website is optimised for mobile device usage so that you can get the best results for your mobile app.

2. Don’t miss to use header tags

Don’t forget to add header tags and description tags within the content to craft well-versed App Indexing strategy. This is one of the crucial steps that most of the app marketers miss today.

3. Manifest, links, and entitlements

And, once the hosted content is up and it’s running, you need to consider some technical housekeeping within your mobile app’s files. For that, you need to ensure that your mobile app’s Manifest.xml file is configured properly so that search engine crawling can be allowed.

4. Tie up the loose ends

Here’re a few actions that can harm your mobile app’s search engine ranking more than any incompatible content and interstitials that included automated JavaScript banners. So, it is required to ensure that your content within a mobile app should be directly related to the corresponding page of your website, before launching. And, also eliminate any interstitial that can impede your client’s experience.

5. Ensure your app’s content is worth it

One of the areas that need to be considered is lines should become blurred between the standard SEO and app indexing is content quality. Deploying a mobile app is simply not enough; your mobile app must include the content that users are looking to access.

6. Set up deep links

To get specific page’s app content indexed on Google, you need to link to this section of your mobile app from within the HTML mark-up of the suitable webpage.

7. Properly configure deep links through your sitemap

You can also add deep links directly to the app pages through your website’s sitemap file. By using the tag, users will be enabled to associate the content within the mobile app.

8. Always ensure full crawling is enabled

It’s pointless in having a great content on the associated website, if the search engines can’t scroll it. So, never miss ensure that the content is made available to various search engine crawlers. It may sound obvious, but it’s still one of the common errors we have need to cover here.

9. Future Proofing

Anyone who had faced the short-term encounters with SEO knows that nothing is forever. In SEO, things always changes, goals shift and what had worked one day might not necessarily work the next day. So, to stay ahead of the competition, you need to make full-proof indexing strategies.

10 . Always be ready for the change

The capabilities of search engines are pretty limited in terms of mobile app searching and indexing. But, you know that this never remains same. So, be sure and ready to do adapt with the change when time comes.

10. Develop your mobile app across a wide range of metrics

One of the leading mobile app publishers treat their products as constant works in progress. And, they continue to tamper with and provide regular updates for their mobile apps long after the programs themselves they have launched. You need to do the same; once search engine indexing for mobile apps really takes off, you can only guess about the ranking criteria that search engines will apply to mobile apps.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.