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By adopting well-versed mobile-first approach throughout the enterprise, you can maintain a higher connectivity between your employees, thus improving the company’s processes and products. However, this connectivity also stimulates much better collaboration within your teams, thus allowing employees to share the best practices much faster and quicker. Today the target of every mobile enterprise app is to create a well-versed and natural ecosystem within a company that can link the individual components of the mobile infrastructure, thus providing the enhanced services to the company, the employees and the consumers alike. In today’s competitive world, almost every individual understands the prominence of a mobile workforce. However, there’s a key difference between an unproductive mobile force and an effective one. That’s why you need to solely understand the best practices of measuring ROI for enterprise mobility. There are numerous factors, which help in indicating whether or not you are getting the most out of your investment in a mobility initiative. However, few of them are easily calculable, while some are harder to pin down. We have jotted down a few of the key methods of measuring the ROI of your enterprise mobility:

1. Revenue vs. Costs

Revenue vs Costs is one of the key metrics for evaluating the ROI of the enterprise mobility. By properly assessing the increase in sales, defining the time to market and profitability, we can simply access and calculate the financial benefits of the current strategy. And, once you defined these strategy and jotted down on the paper, you can easily understand how the benefits weigh against the costs.

2. Measuring Productivity

This factor is not as simple as Revenue vs Cost. However, if there is a perceptible reduction in the amount of time, when employees are traveling to complete certain amount of tasks in a given time frame, by using an enterprise mobility app, you are definitely earning a key benefits of an effective mobilization strategy.

3. High Adoption Rate

The end user of an enterprise mobile app is always employees, which makes high adoption rate a key factor for your bottom line. And, if you are providing an easy to understand and highly user-friendly application for your employees that will help you leverage the benefits it can provide, you are helping your employees in increasing efficiency. This it leads increased employee productivity and profitability.

4. High Usage of Data

Usage data can provide priceless insights into the efficiency of a mobile strategy. By understanding the metrics including time spent or saved with an application , ease of using an application, and average time to complete the tasks, among others that can help provide the right benchmarks you need to iterate, thus improving the mobile strategy, which in turn, increasing the ROI.

5. High Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is one of the key factors for measuring the efficiency of enterprises. It represents the growing effect of all the previous metrics. If customers are overall happier with the services and products that you provide, it is a good indication that you are getting your money’s worth for your mobilization efforts.

Summing It Up

The efficiency of a mobile strategy can be evaluated by using numerous measurements, some are concrete while some more fluid. By combining these metrics, you can figure out, if your investment makes sense or not. However, one of the best ways to measure your mobility ROI is to properly understand why you are adopting mobility-first approach. Thus developing the right collection of metrics is one of the key factors as the results themselves.

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