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So, you are aggravated by a poorly designed user interface mobile app. Always remember that user interface design is about more than just look & feel. A captivating UI makes app user-friendly, thus, reducing uncertainty, which in turn, results in decreasing the number of uninstalls. As a bad UI can estrange your users and an amazing UI has the potential to make customers love your app. Let’s take a look at the three mobile UI design strategies that will help you retain your potential customers, earn positive reviews, and generate revenue and value from your mobile app.

  1. Build a strong, intuitive and user-friendly foundation

The user interfaces are all always designed to help users achieve specific and targeted goals including creating an account to entirely complete a task or make a purchase. A goal-driven and user-centric design includes creating personas for the users so that they can easily use your app. Most of the developers and app development does this mistake – they design the app first and expect that users will adapt to it later. While a goal-driven and user-centric user interface design places users at priority and designs around their requirements.

  1. Dig deeper and thoroughly analyze to know about your users

For any app or game, its users, above all, comes first. The more an app developer understands its users, the easier they’ll find it to design and build a UI that puts user’s needs ahead of any other factor. The more you research and learn about your users, the more you will save yourself from major headaches and resources in the future. It’s far easier to get the user interface right for the first time only than from redesigning the app after the release. You should also run usability tests for your app so that the real people can interact with it in a very natural way. Always remember that your users are the ultimate moderator of your app, and by taking shortcuts, you are hurting their experience.

  1. Make your users feel comfortable while using your mobile app

By designing your app’s user interface user-friendly, you should make users feel comfortable. You should avoid the persuasion to innovative in your app’s design; if it’s affecting user experience. Instead build your app around well-known UI patterns. Today people spend the majority of their mobile time in using the same and repetitive applications. Apps like Twitter, Facebook and Chrome are designed with the same UI patterns; and even users have also grown comfortable with them and expect them in other apps as well.

Reinvention of mobile app is important but it should not affect user experience. Infact instead of reinventing the wheel, you should consider designing your mobile application’s UI in such a way that it should make users feel familiar and comfortable. Right from the moment, users open your app for the first time; you should be creative and make your users familiar and comfortable.

How to improve your mobile app’s UI?

By brushing off the UI design, you can essentially make your app successful. Even, if you have a deep understanding of the value your app, but if your users can’t navigate through your app’s menus and tabs or they are unable to understand its interface, you can’t make your app successful because users will never be able to discover its value.

Right from simplifying to making use of common UI patterns, there are many ways to enhance your app’s user interface.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.