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In the world where tablet and smartphone usage is growing rapidly and enormously, web design is experiencing a huge paradigm shift. Brands and start-ups that are focussing on being updated with web design and development practices, need to adapt to the growth in mobile website traffic and Mobile websites are required to become as just as desktop
websites are prior to the emergence of modern responsive web design techniques, web designers used to create numerous different versions of a website and code each and specific website for different web browser sizes. Let’s take an example – for creating a separate file of code is required that applies to Nexus tablet browser sizes, a separate file of code is required that applies to iPhone browser sizes, a separate file of code is required that applies to iMac ,Desktop browser sizes, and so on.Additionally, since there are numerous different browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, etc. – it is important to design according to the levels of code so that it can support each browser offers. So, this mandates the designer to create several design prototypes, developers to code as per the design prototypes, and the client to pay that much more per version. With the recent technological advancements and rapid growth, number of devices and browsers are increasing at a rapid rate and so is the new technologies and browsers. And, creating design for every browser and design will result into time-consuming and high cost – this is where responsive web design comes into scene.

Responding to Your User’s Visual NeedsResponsive web design (RWD) allows designers and developers to create numerous design styles with just one set of code. While coding a website, a developer develops one set of code that is for different window sizes and browsers. To create this type of coding scheme, apart from other features, the developer needs to ensure that all images and media should be flexible, content should be easily readable, the columns or tables must be movable, and some elements can be kept hidden. And, developer can get these things done by using various dynamic sizing, specific CSS styles, numerous JavaScript styling and media queries. To check how website looks on your desktop or PC, just make the browser window bigger and smaller to check how the content, images and other functions changes in size and layout according to the dimensions of the window. Also check- how your website looks on your smartphone or tablet, if the content displays differently or not? With the advent of technology and recent advancements, technology is regularly evolving to make our lives more efficient and easier better than before. Being a web developer, designer, and even strategists, who is working in industry since long, you should keep track of all the key changes that are happening with technology, and acclimatize them to provide the user the best possible web experience.Since Responsive web design has become one of the latest and trending things, and most importantly, design changes that is buzzing all across the world especially through the developing world is making cross-platform browsing seamless, captivating and best-in-class.

Here at Parangat Technologies, our adept web designers know that web designing is an art of breathing life into sporadic idea. And, that’s why we are proficient in creating a reliable design for a website that will serve as a bridge between the business goals and their target audiences. Being a leading web and mobile development company, we always try to convey our client’s business values and expectations through our web design and development services. We acknowledge that for every single website, be it static or dynamic, responsive or an e-commerce website, Design plays the most crucial part. For getting one of the most efficient, interactive and business-centric corporate website for your dream online business.Parangat Technologies can certainly be your trusted business partners for website designing and development. Till date, we have delivered hundreds of web and mobile solutions proficiently, over and over, time and again. Our highly adept team of developers and designers consider each and every minute detail while designing up a website according to our client’s needs. To know more connect with us at: http://www.parangat.com/contact.php.


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