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Improper and inefficient management when your employees are working in offsite locations may probably affect your business efficiency. Even the seconds scheduling hitch can turn in missed appointments and disappointed clients. So, we need a system or any tool to enhance employee and company productivity, both. And, enterprise mobility is a solution that harnesses the power of mobility, without compromising user experience, corporate data security or personal privacy because it provides a secure, flexible and enterprise-ready platform that grows with you as your mobility. It has revolutionized the way companies work. It is helping companies decipher management and many other issues by helping them plan, implement and manage their work. It gives employees the tools, which can make them, work faster and smarter. By leveraging mobility, companies are adopting enterprise mobility to help in managing many tedious tasks easily and efficiently like providing proof of service, job dispatch, employee management, Human resource management, automate timesheets, collect service information and many more, so that employers can be better informed and improve their decision making processes.

Enterprise mobility has become a trend adopted by many leading brands and startups. For them, it has become an online management tool that is helping them in stay informed of what’s happening with mobile employees, which helps in better managing them. Enterprise Mobile Solutions includes mobile devices, software and applications that work altogether to help companies and employees in increasing efficiency and enhancing their work. And, it helps in

•    Integrating Solutions and technologies
•    Keep employees connected and productive securely and cost-effectively
•    Improve Employee Efficiency and Productivity
•    Manage Work Easily
•    Effectively Optimize Business Operations

Apart from increasing efficiency and managing work effectively Enterprise Mobility also allows employees to better manage their corporate data. For an instance, an employee can share and upload a corporate presentation from his or her desktop PC to a cloud storage service, then access it from a personal smartphone – iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows etc. to show clients at their location.

Moreover, Enterprise Mobility has revolutionized the way employee and employers are working. Now, the next wave in enterprise mobility is about effectively enabling a fluid, seamless mobile experience for all its users including employees and employers. Going mobile is now no longer about just carrying a single mobile device. It’s ability for any user to pick up any mobile device to ease their work, whatever they are doing and have instant access to all the data and applications that they need anywhere, anytime.

However, Enterprise mobility improves employee productivity and efficiency, but it also increases security risks and compliance challenges. Many enterprise mobility management products like data loss prevention technologies are available to help companies address these risks and challenges. A strong acceptable use policy for employees can also contribute to a successful enterprise mobile strategy.

Parangat Technologies , based in Noida, India, is a leading Enterprise Mobility company. Here, our highly skilled and experienced team helps companies develop simple, robust, scalable and cost-effective enterprise mobile solutions to unlock productivity —while keeping pace with the quickly evolving mobile marketplace. Enterprise Mobile draws on its deep mobility expertise and best practices in every facet of mobile managed services, from planning and application development to management, support, and optimization.


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