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Here at Parangat, we firmly believe in delivering world-class solutions to the clients across the world. And, our culture and team enable us to deliver that. Our approach helps in creating a culture of shared respect and support. This has led to achieve many business successes and accomplishments. Employees at Parangat feel more valued and motivated, which in turn resulted in low staff turnover rates. Today where every business is changing with the recent technological advancements and technological revolution. Change has become unescapable and, businesses are also changing their strategies and employee policies. Sometimes, these changed policies and strategies start hampering the culture which is the founding pillar of any business, which in turn, results in declining employee retention rate. And, for any successful business, employee turnover is a key element of change that has the power to directly affect the bottom line of any business. Hence, it becomes very important to properly identify the reasons of leaving employees and craft an effective employee retention strategy. Here’re a few reasons why Parangat is at a win-win situation when we talk about employee retention rate:

High-end development environment (All projects on SVN)

Latest individual workstation

Encouragement to suggest, give feedback or present ideas

Opportunity to work on various platforms/projects and technologies

Updated licensed software

Captivating infrastructure with alluring cafeteria

Large conference room and lots of discussion rooms

On floor projection facility

Sophisticated cabins for managers and senior members

Isolated  and secured server room

Sports and refreshment facility

On- time customer Support and Correspondence

We know that for any business the backbone is online client support and access to track the progress. Parangat primarily focuses on providing client support through its impeccable connectivity to have better end-product that is secured and fully customized tailored to client’s need. Having a top-notch infrastructure and adequate workforce, the company enjoys being a preferred choice among startups and leading brands across the world for building web and mobile apps.

Our Salient Features:-

24/7 client support via phone

99.99% up-time with high speed internet connection


Video conferencing

Instant messengers

Direct access to the key individuals involved in the project

Our outstanding project management system to enable constant, transparent and ongoing updates during project development – involving all the aspects of the projects with key individuals enable us to deliver best mobile and web solutions across the globe. And, that’s why Parangat has achieved a huge success in short span of time. Let’s see what we have achieved so far:

In short span of time, Parangat Technologies has become a leading web and mobile app development company, based in Noida, India. Being a world’s fastest growing mobile and web development Company, we are known to deliver pioneering and best-in-class mobile and web solutions to serve clients across the world. Best owed with extensive experience, deep industry expertise and proficient team, we are capable of delivering incredible mobile and web development services that increase business efficiency, accelerate innovation and maximize profit. Our proficient team of web developers work deliberately with our clients to create a user-friendly, compatible and search-engine friendly website, thus, generating millions of hits and increasing brand’s value and revenue. Being a leading Web Development Company, based in India, we not only just create websites that are easy to use, top the search engine results and reflects the core values of the company, but as the need arises, we continuously update and develop the website to keep the web presence fresh and competitive. Our dedicated team work closely with our clients toproperly assess their business needs and offer a unique and market driven web solutions that meet and exceed their expectation.


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