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In our last blog post, we discussed Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing – Part 1 where we laid emphasis on importance of social networks and Ad networks in mobile app marketing. And, here we’ll discuss the remaining best app marketing strategies that play an important role in making any app a great success.

3. Organic Marketing

Every app story – be it Apple Store of Google play store – has its own mechanism to determine an app’s organic ranking. And, it becomes imperative to get know these minute but critical factors that impact the ranking of an app within the store. Knowing these factors impacting app ranking and working towards impacting these factors one by one can prove to be highly successful strategy for your apps’ success. For example, Google play store takes into account the number of downloads and the app usage to rank each app. Note that just downloads isn’t enough, the usage ratio is critical too. That means higher the usage ratio per downloads, higher will be app’s ranking. Apple store also gives you a chance to improve your apps’ ranking by deploying more ad-driven links.

Secret sauce for successful Mobile App Marketing

Hence, you need to have a good mix of cross promotion and users’ engagement in your app marketing plan in order to ensure that your apps are successful in all mobile apps store – earning your more revenue. There are many ways to keep your audience engaged – with frequent updates etc. More to follow…

4. Continuously engaging your existing users and retaining your loyal users

As pointed out earlier, app usage ratio per download is on foe the key factors your app ranking depends on. The key here is ‘app usage’. Just drawing users’ attention towards your app or initial downloads isn’t enough for a sustainable app success. It is important that the existing app users are kept engaged so that they do not drop-out. There are multiple ways you can ensure their continued interest in your app.

One of the most useful and time-tested trick is to provide perks and additional benefits to your loyal users – that makes them happy. You can give them a few updates for free or at a discounted price. Or, a couple of extra features in your app for your regular and loyal users. Push notifications can be an effective medium to offer these benefits.

Besides, keep publishing frequent updates for your app. This will keep your existing users engaged as they will keep looking for updates. Attend to app reviews and feedback. Keep your ears open to listen to the most popular suggestions about your app. These suggestions can be a demand for an extra feature or to fix an existing bug in your app. Remember that your apps should be flawless – but, if at all, there is remaining bug it should be attended with care and immediately. Keep pushing the notifications before you do a release as it will create excitement for your users.

5. Cross promote your successful apps

Your each successful app can be an opening door for another one. Cross promote your newly launched apps within your existing apps through banners, links and push notifications. Note that ads and banners are to be used with care. Excessive use of banners and ads can create a bad user experience. The banners and ads should be placed strategically so that it doesn’t interfere while users are using the most important part of your app. This cross-promotion will definitely help you earn more downloads.

6. Be thoughtful and innovative when you develop a mobile app

This one is obvious. The mobile app you develop and publish should be something that people would love to use. It should be flawless. The apps’ design should be alluring and user centric. Include features that other similar apps do not have – this will make your app unique. This will not only make your app famous but will also earn a good name for you as app publisher.

In a nutshell…

Devising a comprehensive mobile app marketing strategy is a good mix of various aspects. We looked at many of them in this blog. The aspects we discussed do not require any heavy and exclusive investment from your side. Try and leverage your existing resources. Important to note is that you need to keep tracking and monitoring your app downloads, usage, reviews, ranking, suggestions and other usage aspects in order to make appropriate changes in the marketing strategy and the app itself. Each time you apply a particular marketing tactic, measure its impact on your apps’ usage – and then improvise on that tactic. Your next step should be based on your past learning. Yes, there are tactics that might require good enough investment from your side. Let’s keep that for the next blog.


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