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This week at Consumer Electronics show 2016, we met with tons of pioneering start-ups and saw lots of user-centric gadgets that range from hundreds of health-centric wearables, 3d technology devices, drones, 3D printers, and AR/VR headsets. In this article we, have discussed about some of the enticing announcements and launches that were announced at trade show CES 2016:

1. Samsung’s 8k TV

Samsung launched SUHD televisions that includes 10-bit Quantum dot implementations and super Black technology, which will show clear pictures and decrease glare. The new Samsung’s TV utilizes the enticing Nano-crystal LED panel.

2. The EHang 184

EHang 184 is a human-sized drone developed by the Chinese UAV company EHang. A self-sufficient drone that can carry a single passenger for 23 minutes and that too at a speed of 60 MPH. And, it will have the gull-wing doors and arms that easily fold up.

2. Netflix

Netflix Inc. is launching its operations in India and will include plans starting from Rs. 500 ($7.50)/ per month. The company is also offering other plans pricing at Rs. 650 rupees and Rs. 800 rupees.

3. The First Project tango phone

At CES 2016, Lenovo announced it would be producing the first Google Project Tango phone. However, at the event there was short on details about Project Tango. But we all know that Lenovo very soon will be releasing a phone that will cost less than $500 by this summer. Although, the company doesn’t have finishing designs yet, but we are expecting it will be as enticing as Lenovo’s other products are.

4. Garmin’s Varia Vision

It is an augmented reality that user can mount to their sunglasses. Garmin’s Varia vision is not just all about how well you’re doing, it can also alert you about the traffic and directions. Industry gurus and geeks are saying that this $400 device would be a dream come true especially for cyclists, when it will be released out in Q1 2016.

5. Parrot Disco Drone:

Parrot’s 700-gram Disco drone can fly up to 45 minutes and can range speed of under 50 mph. And, the 1080p 14-megapixel camera fixed at front of the drone is the same that Parrot utilized for its Bebop 2 quad-copter.

6. Walkman A26

Sony’s Walkman A26 is released in Grey, Blue, Red, White, and Purple & Lime colours. Its earphones have the noise-reducing feature and also includes real buttons that allows its users to easily access A26’s music.

7. The Daqri Smart helmet

It is an industrial and pioneering device that reflects significant information to the eyes of the wearer. And, it also doubles thus becoming a hard hat and sometimes as a safety goggles, which make it perfect for any user, who is working with hefty machinery or applicable in technical fields, too.

8. The Nima from 6 Sensor Labs

A $249 gadget that can help test food for gluten within 2 minutes with antibody-based test and disposable pods. This has been invented considering the people suffering from Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. A 6 Sensor Labs won the $50,000 Hardware Battlefield grand prize.

Part 2 ‘The Most Fascinated and Talked about Products and Announcements at CES 2016’ will be published in the next post.


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