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Everyday thousands of websites are launched and most of them are non-informational and ungluing,because marketers are missing that secret sauce of magical Interactions. If you are a developer,designer, or someone whose business will soon rely on your website, ensures to consider these 6 tips (whose first part we have described in our previous blog) that you need to check before launching your website.

4. Enhance your content marketing strategies with long form content:

Now longer articles, between 1,200 to 1,500 words will perform comparably better in search results, on an average. Gone are the days when 300 words were sufficient and considered as a pretty long page.Now, it’s significantly different scenario. Lengthier and informational articles are getting more and moretraffic, and they’re ranking much higher in SEO, especially if we talk for competitive terms. Thesechanges that Google is crafting are because Google wants to ensure they’re sending traffic to pages thatcaptivate humans. However, according to new algorithm breaking up long-form content with subheads,bullet points and images throughout the write-up so that it will make easy for readers to get more quick and tailored scan. Analyst say that Lengthy articles will perform much better in search engine resultsbecause there are more words and images to rank on the page. Users are sharing longer articles on social media channels because those get more hits and popularity. However, shorter articles alsoperform well sometimes, but on an average, it is found that lengthier articles tend to perform much better.

5. Proper Optimization for Mobile

As people are becoming more active on smartphones and tablets. And, that’s why they are leveraging this upcoming trend and technology for doing some of their very important daily activates including reading news on their smartphones, tracking and monitoring their health & fitness results, managing their enterprise tasks and many more. Due to rapid increase in the number of users over the smartphone, mobile apps are also being increased in the marketplaces. So it’s important to ensure that your content is searchable in mobile apps as well. Nowadays, Google too is ensuring that your content should be customized for mobile app as well. Hence by leveraging mobile app technology the marketing of the app with respect to SEO, is a great opportunity for the consumer and B-to-B companies.

6. Add unique and captivating images

Now having unique and captivating images on your site is valuable. However, the same image can be used on many places around the Web, but having unique and user-centric content around those images is what makes the content stand out. Many blogging sites and websites use stock images to showcase their point, but creating something that’s customized or using unique photography will pay off more in the longer run. One of the most important SEO tips for 2016 is to focus on your target audience. In the past, the ball was in the marketer’s goal because they were the ones who can make the product win or fail. But today it’s all about delivering what users actually want to see because that will give you an SEO ranking boost.

It seems that search giant Google is trying hard to give great experience to its users. So, to get a good value and revenue for your business, you need to produce good content because it doesn’t matter how good you rank if your target audience goes to your site and they’re not satisfied and happy.

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