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Hundreds of mHealth apps are launched everyday and the majority of these are apps face a huge challenges. If you are a web designer, developer, or someone whose business will soon rely on your website, ensure to consider these four things that you need to check before developing mHealth apps.  Data security and compliance is prioritize according to 34 respondents of the mHealth App Economics 2014 survey – If there is any show stopper for the mHealth promise, it’s – Data Security. With the high-profile breaches of user data, privacy of health data is the top priority for developers as well. In a December 2013 poll done by Radius Global Market Research found that more than three quarters of Internet users at least “somewhat agreed” that they would stop using a service, product, or retailer if they felt their privacy was violated. With the rise in HIPAA violations- — the number of complaints filed by July 31, 2014, was 71 percent higher than the number filed during the same time period in 2013 (5,814 to 9,956) — thus in 2015 mobile app developers are looking to develop breakthrough mobile apps, thus, ensuring their consumer’s data should be safe.. Easily Get Access to Medical Data and RecordsApps that provide monitoring, compliance and consultation will by default require direct connectivity to medical databases and patient records at the healthcare, physician, hospital and service provider offices where healthcare is administered, even if done remotely. And, this connectivity will be driven by clinics, hospitals, healthcare organizations, electronic medical record management services, and by the host of new service providers, who are building connectivity tools that sometimes act as a secure bridge between the selected application and patient databases.

Data security is the key of well-versed mobile health applications. Mobile apps that can dive into doctors & patient records and manage patient information will help enable the valuable interactions and functionality. A well secured mobile app that will help drive long-term value and growth. Developers who leverage the growing new layer of ability and which can bring new solutions to the market are creating a whole new category of powerful and secured mobile health solutions So, what’s the opportunity?
In recent years the opportunity for mHealth developers is clear and transparent. And, with a growing market and interest in enhancing health care market, both from patient’s and provider’s perspective, the mHealth mobile solutions are aligned to make the promise of mobile health a reality. Leaders of digital innovation with the new initiatives like Apple HealthKit and Google Fit are instantly making massive platforms available to inter connect with customers so that much better health care and wellness services can be provided through connected apps. In the coming years, the need of health care providers and payers who are looking to minimize costs will definitely drive the demand for new mHealth solutions. The growing trend in Wearables and Healthcare apps will definitely fuel up the growing interest of consumers. Mobile app developers who can help providers and patients in hooking the required data and information will help reduce the cost, which will in turn, make them winners in the mobile health space in 2015 and the years to come.


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