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Online marketing is one of the most challenging parts. As evolving technology when gets combined with the changing expectations can result into making the market more difficult. Today even the most experienced marketers find it more difficult to deliver the right results. And, that’s why analytics is luring online marketers because it shows tremendous opportunities to them. It offers an incredible amount of information which when used appropriately, can help gain tremendous value and insights. Being an experienced and well-versed website development company, we have enlisted Top 5 Tips on how to use Analytics in Online Marketing strategy.

Review a lot of Data – The worst part about most of the analytic suites is that they provide you a huge amount of data to use. And, that’s why most of the time marketers have more data than they need. One of the common mistakes that they does is – they just grab the small bits and pieces of data accumulated from analytics, which tends to be short-sighted. However, it requires much time and energy to focus on the data as it helps in obtaining a complete picture and ensuring that marketers understand how target metrics can be well fitted into the entire picture. Moreover, this looks a bit confusing initially, which is why many marketers tend to only focus on small sections of analytics, but if we talk in the longer run, it helps marketers in making much sound and better data driven decisions.

Don’t just make assumptions – By using analytics many times you can find multiple trends and assume that one trend has caused or influenced the other. But that’s not the case always and it’s important for marketers to look at the various crucial metrics that includes important data points so that the actual cause can be confirmed rather than making a possibly incorrect assumptions.

Have right perspectives – While considering the data, marketers are required to do it without having any expectations and assumptions. As most of the marketers fall into a trap of using the existing data and making it fit into their expectations in a way that ends up in having wrong decisions.

Ask the Right and Appropriate Questions
– One of the scientific ways that works well in marketing while using analytical data – just ask a question to define the challenge or issue, do proper research, perform a hypothesis and then rigorously test that hypothesis. Being a well-versed marketer, the most required thing is to figure out the right challenge. The more focused question you’ll ask, the easier it will be to find a specific answer. On the other hand, the more general questions can result into more ambiguous answers. And, then as discussed, just follow the right analytical data to find the possibilities and determining the right method to correct the action, which is to be followed by testing.

Rigorously test before making any changes – One of the most underused tips is – rigorously test before making any changes. Analytics has a lot to offer and sometimes it has proved so efficient that it has helped marketers in making right evaluations and conclusions. And, if you are making changes to your campaign or strategy without properly testing them then result can proved to be worse than before. By properly testing the things out, you can confirm or deny the hypothesis and possibly gather a new array of insights. Rigorous testing helps in gaining more confidently and making changes to the current strategy with a much more assured outcome.

So, the bottom line is that right analytics has the capability to offer a wealth of information for web designers, developers, publishers and online marketers. Hope the above mentioned 5 tips for using analytics in online marketing will help you in ensuring that you are making the most of that opportunity and getting ahead of your competitors.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.