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So you’ve developed your app and you’ve designed it easily. What next? – You have done its due SEO as well. But still downloads are lagging.

Well, one of the best post-launch app marketing strategies to growth hack your app is to increase your reviews and rating in the App Marketplace. Every day, with over 1,000 apps launched. In the ocean of App Store where it is flooded with lots and lots of apps, your app could be one of the best out there, but there are a good chances that no one will ever see your app. To get a good ranking in an App Store, you need to have a proper marketing strategy.

Parangat Technologies has been in the development and marketing services since its inception. Our in-depth experience and expertise enable us to deliver best-in-class services and helped us in improving app store ranking of many apps and websites. With our over the years experience and expertise, we have prepared a list of strategies that can be used to increase app store rankings. Let’s take a look on an abbreviated guide to the App Store Optimization (ASO) methods.

Tip # 1: Always, Listen to Your Customers

An obvious one, but one of the most neglected ones, too. The best way to get your app ranked is simply to create an app that people talk to their friends about (in a good way). Listen to the feedback from your users and act on it! By knowing your user’s feedback, you can understand the problems and know how to get them done. Every platform be it – Android or Apple, every platform has its specific strategy and analytics patterns that can help you know how to make your app a great hit. So, listening to your users may help you know your business problems, which in turn, can directly impact your app store rating.

Mobile App development is imperative. And, it is getting bigger and bigger every day. In order to get high downloads; your mobile app will need to comply with the needs of the target market. The better your app matches the needs of your users, the more downloads you will get. According to a recent study – 50% of iOS users and 41% of Android users find out about apps through friends and family. People should talk about how great your app is – it is one of the best strategies to increase downloads. And, the more downloads you have, the higher you will rank in the App Store. Yup that’s right, getting downloads will get you more revenue and value, both.

Tip # 2: More Reviews Means Higher Ranking

Encourage your users to rate and review your app- an incredibly difficult task. Something like head-banging-against-the-wall. Most of the developers and publishers could be sticking to tip#1 ideally. Your app should perfectly suit the need of your user.  It should incorporate the feedback and reviews quickly and efficiently. The App Stores unfortunately follow the ratings and reviews very closely and rank the apps on that basis. In-fact it has become one of the effective ways to drive up your app store ranking. To make your app successful you need to be proactive – reach out to your users with tailored questions. But your users must get a reason to review your app, otherwise why they will spend time on that?

However, you can ask users to leave review and ratings on your app. But most of the users hate adding review and ratings while using an app. And, it may result in making them a bit anxious. So, you can use tools that can help humbly push users towards leaving their reviews and ratings. There are many tools that can help you drive engagement and lets publishers and customers communicate directly. They not only encourage users to leave reviews and ratings, in-fact they can be a good source of your User acceptance testing in the initial phase of your launch. Always keep an eye out for these types of tools – because they’re very effective and can become a success factor for your app. To know more about tools contact expert or a good mobile app marketing company.

The above factors will definitely help you in knowing, understanding and serving your audiences better, thus, improving number of new users, which in turn, helps in improving ranking in the App Stores. Over the coming week, we will be publishing new posts in this series about remaining pointers on Tips on How to Rank in the App Store? – And, that would deal with the pioneering strategies that will help your app in getting high ranking in App Stores.


Anisha is a Blogger at Parangat Technologies. She just focuses on key technology and topics which can help people succeed in business.