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So, we are here to move on from the Tips on How to Rank in the App Store – Part 1 that we have discussed as in our earlier post. The previous posts highlighted the importance of customer’s feedback, review and ratings on the ranking of an app in an App Store. Let’s discuss some more points:

Tip # 3: Right Keywords and Proper ASO Strategies

Everyone has heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the importance of keywords and keyword phrases in SEO. But ASO utilizes a bit different and competitive strategy. By leveraging some of the best analytics tools, you can know how to improve your ranking in App Stores.

Selecting Right Keywords:

Keywords are a very important part of ASO strategy and they more likely natively searched. Let’s take an example of Shopping App – you need to look for keywords that revolve around shopping and mCommerce. You should target the most common sentences or phrases that user will write while searching for shopping app. And, most importantly, you should include all the biggest hitting keywords in your app!

Proper ASO Strategies

We can’t ignore the importance of this enough. Today almost 63% of iOS users find apps by simply browsing on the App Store. So, we can’t ignore the power of App Store Optimization. The app industry is just in its very beginning. Think for that moment- when we’ll have one new app every second. The App industry is expanding at an astonishing rate of 30% a year. Recently, economists are predicting that app industry and other economies associated with apps will be worth $143 billion by 2016 – These are some phenomenal numbers. Well-developed and exceptionally designed apps can make a lot of money – but they need to be sold in the right way. And, to get them sold, we need to imbibe the world-class App Store Optimization strategies. Remember, most apps aren’t a hit just because of their content. There is a whole flurry of marketing strategies done prior and after the launch of an app.

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