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Nowadays, App Stores are flooded with apps. And, with every brilliant concept, one of the key questions that arises – How to convert that brilliant idea into reality? No matter, how proficient the programmers, or savvy the marketing team, there’s always something that can create hindrance from making your app a great hit. There are many factors that play key role in the success of app especially while launching the app. Launching an app doesn’t start with the submission of an app on stores, neither it start with the marketing blitz two or three days before its release. In fact, it starts with that first conceptualization and brainstorming, and continues till its launch. Let’s discuss everything you’ll ever need to know about how to launch your app successfully, from wind-up to follow-through.

Tips to Launch your App Successfully? – Part 1

Ideation, Brainstorming, Conceptualization, Research and Development

While working on ideation, brainstorming, conceptualization and research and development you need to be mindful of how your app is going to hit the market. Research on – How your competitors look like? What the likely future of that domain is? What your target audience look like? How does your core concept stand out from the crowd? Why would users download your app? If these answers are yet not clear then how do you expect your app to be successful? And, yes before you start spending exorbitant amount of money and time on your idea ensure that it should be something worth investing in. Create a marvelous business plan that can help you achieve success.

Always remember that a good idea can easily be stolen or replicated. Even if your idea is the first of the first, and you are a true creator of it, copycats will spring up very soon after seeing that your app is doing well. Unfortunately, currently apps are in the wild west of IP law — so ensure your launch must be strong and hard. And, it should be made as difficult as possible for your competitors to steal away any of your hard earned market segment.

One of the key factors for the successful launch is to figure out which markets you should choose? What their standards of submission are? And, what’s their application processes are? Doing some in-depth and preliminary research will definitely ease your confusion and frustration.

Test, Test and Test

Nothing can sour a launch that much worse than discovering on Day 1 of your launch that a large segment of your market can’t get your app working. To make your app run smoothly on every device, test your app and don’t just trust the building tools as they provide a realistic testing environment but sometimes don’t give right results. Since, every mobile device operates differently so get your app tested on as many as possible platforms and devices before you launch. For getting your app tested on various devices, you can either buy or keep popular tablets and phones to test on, or you may also find a good source of beta testers to get your device worked hard on as many devices as possible (or both).

Test and Test

Craft Ground-breaking Marketing Strategies & Tactics

A very common myth is App marketing starts after the launch of an app. But, the marketing strategies should be planned from the day you have planned to get your app developed. Marketing strategies should be crafted in a way that a major chunk of people should talk about your product and excited for it before it releases. As it can help you in spiking the sales and push your way up to various best-selling app lists. Create hype of your app, build up steam, and get everything ready before launch. However, there are a lot of ways of app marketing some are free while some are paid ones – it’s all depend on your marketing budget. No matter, how big or small your marketing budget is- you have to just market it smartly, not just hard. And, always remember the most valuable rule of Marketing: Identify well your target market and cater to them. Moreover, you need to take into consideration the ongoing marketing that lets you decide your launch date, where to launch, how to launch, and how to sustain downloads after the initial rush.

All the above mentioned points are need to be considered carefully for making your app successful. Over the coming days, we are going to continue to publish new posts in this series about remaining tips to launch your app successfully- Part 2 that deal with the pioneering strategies that should be followed to successfully launch your app.


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