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In the previous post, we gave some insights to successfully launch your app so that your app can top the charts and gain revenue and value, both. Let’s continue with the remaining success secrets to launch your app successfully.

•    Done with the Approval Process?

Done with the Approval Process?

Once you begin with the ideation part, you should have the full-proof marketing plan prepared. An app that is engrossing and has kink-free marketing plans should be ready on time for the approval process on the various app markets you’re targeting. There are many stores like Google Play, the Apple Store and GetJar etc. And, each has their own standards and unique application processes. If you do the in-depth research and prepare your app accurately, application development process will be a cake walk. And, if you are unable to do that, it can quickly become a huge mess. To get the things done according to the app market criteria and get your mark of approval, now it’s time for the final move.

•    Ready For Launch?

Ready For Launch?

So, you are ready for your app launch. Now, what? Prepare press releases, get support ready, connect with the best review websites and ensure your marketing strike is active, and go. Now, it’s time to sell. Your app launch day should involve proactive efforts that include monitoring performance, following customer reviews, resolving their issues quickly, and creating buzz even post launch. To enjoy the enduring success of your app, always listen to your customers’ feedbacks. As if your app has bugs that cannot be fixed soon, all your hard work and big money can all be in vain.

•    Post launch – Pay Attention to Opportunities

Post launch - Pay Attention to Opportunities

Don’t just think that your first launch is your last big hurrah. Once your app is launched, it’s time to begin exploring ways to expand your segment for app market. Who’s seeing your app? Who bought it? Who didn’t? Why? Once you start asking these questions and getting answers, new opportunities will open up. Check if your application gets used in tandem with another app; reach out to the app owner and see if you both can arrange a bundle sale. There are always options; it’s only a matter of finding them.


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