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In the recent years, number of businesses adopting mobile as a strategy has increased rapidly. And,for developing a right mobile app for your business, one of the key factors that need to be considered is choosing the right platform- native, hybrid or web. By choosing the right platform, start-ups and enterprises can get the proper return on their investment and provide better experience to their users.Every platform has its own strengths, weakness and suitable use cases. But choosing the right one for your app is itself a challenge. Let’s take a look on a few tips that will help you choose right platform for your next mobile app:

Proper User Analysis: By doing proper audience analysis, you can understand your users and their expectations. Client facing apps should entice its users, which in turn, helps in boosting retention and engagement. So, you can go for native for client facing apps. And, Enterprise mobile apps need to be compatible to multiple platforms and can easily be managed and upgraded. So, you can either go for hybrid or web for Enterprise Apps.

Customized App Features: For developing a successful mobile app, you need to identify the right functionality requirement of your app. And, if it requires access to device features like Camera, GPS etc., then you should go for native apps. However, the apps that majorly serve content to its users,you can choose a hybrid platform or web apps architecture for them.

Kink-free Development Time: Plan your development strategy and decide your go to market timeline. A native or a hybrid app requires more time to build as compared to web apps. Every client has a different timeline and budget for its project. So check your development time.

Budget: One of the key factors that need to be considered before getting your app developed is budget. What budget do you have for your mobile app? – Because it can only help you in choosing the right platform and right app development team.  Moreover, the total cost for developing a native mobile app is a bit higher followed by hybrid and web apps. However, some feature-packed web or hybrid apps may cost you much more than a simple native app.

Support, Up-gradation & Maintenance: Every app needs an up gradation and proper maintenance after a certain interval of time. However, as compared to Hybrid and web apps, Native apps are quicker in incorporating new features that are required to be added in OS. For cross platform apps, you need dexterous tool developers to make the features available. But unlike up gradation, maintenance of native and hybrid apps, both are complex because every time it needs app store approval if the app is revamped.

Hence choosing the right platform for your mobile app is the key to success of your mobile app. And, the above mentioned pointers will help you make the right choice.

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