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To ensure that people can age with pride in their own houses, technology has come up with something new and enticing. And, that’s Mobile apps. Being an elder and tech-savvy person, who uses Smartphones, tablets and computers, I’ve always looked for easy and user-friendly tech solutions. I have picked up best 5 apps that elders and their families can use to meet their daily challenges:

  1. Magnifying Glass with Light (Available on platforms: iPhone, iPad) (Free)

As we grow older, our eyesight decreases. Here comes in this app, through this app, which is developed by Falcon in Motion, elders and seniors can easily read the stuff they want to. It has an in-built feature, through which content on books, magazines, newspapers and restaurant menus can be illuminated and magnified.

  1. Skype (Available on platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad) (Free)

Skype is one of the most popular apps among the families, who are spread out across the state, country and even internationally because it allows users to have face-to-face interaction. People are using it for meeting their other challenges like setting up face to face interaction with their caregivers via Skype on their mobile devices, computers or tablets.

  1. MedCoach (Available on Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad) (Free)

MedCoach is appreciated and loved by many caregivers because it provides them quick access to lists of medications including pill reminders with quick and easy setup. It even provides access to the pharmacy’s website so that user can get the medicines and other health services. And all this can be done in a few clicks through a smartphone, tablet or other device.

  1. Sudoku (Available on platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad) (Free)

Another amazing option for elders is Sudoku. Being one of the numbers version of the classic crossword, Sudoku is one of the popular apps among users especially elders.

  1. Red Panic Button (Available on platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad) (Cost: $2.99 plus extra charge for new features)

Another crucial tool that is popular among elder generation. This app can help your loved ones access to immediate help during emergency and the times they are alone. Through the app, user can input both their information as well as their loved ones at the time of emergency. App is also popular because of its easy functionalities like they just have to open the app and hit the red button available in the mid of screen.

In the world where we live in is constantly and rapidly changing. And, with this rapid change, we need to adapt with the evolving technology as it can make our lives simpler and easier. As a result, you can enjoy more time with our family and friends.

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