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In the past few years, the use of Smartphones and tablets have disrupted and transformed many major industries including healthcare, enterprise mobility, retail, social networking and e-commerce etc. However, among those industries retail, travel and media have been the major to adopt mobile-first approach to enhance customer engagement. Healthcare industry is among those, which have adopted mobility a bit later as compared to other industries. If we see the stats, more than half of the Americans use smartphones for getting their day-day activities done and they don’t even use landline connections at their homes. According to a report by the US National Centre for Health Statistics at the CDC – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention – Now, healthcare specialists are using their smartphones and tablets to get their many tasks done so that healthcare services can be delivered more efficiently.

Penetration of Smartphones and Tablets in Healthcare Industry

As compared to other industries, Healthcare industry is in more need to imbibe Smartphones and Tablets because time is valuable more here as it is associated with human lives and not just money. Doctors and medical experts are required to access the sensitive and confidential information more quickly and urgently than in any other industry. And, Smartphones’ this ability of transmitting the key information anywhere and anytime is leading to its rapid increase in the adoption especially in clinical and hospital settings. According to a HIMSS report, 93% of physicians and doctors are using mobile technology in their daily activities and 80% of use it to provide proper patient care. The report also added that – today around an estimated 66% of Doctors use tablet and 54% of them use it in their medication practices. According to another study of The Manhattan Research/Physician Channel Adoption – physicians and doctors spend around 64% of their online time for looking the information on making a strong clinical decisions and support. And, in the coming days this number is going to increase rapidly. Thus the above mentioned stats and current scenario suggest that mobility is a key part for enhancing the excellence of healthcare services.Let’s take a look on a few top trends of mobility in healthcare industry:

1 – Efficient and updated Administrative and Management Processes

However, there are various hospitals and healthcare centres but quality of care is still one of the key challenges for hospital management and administration sectors. And, the one of the main reasons behind it is – lack of time. Right from the check in to discharge, all the processes are performed manually, thus, causing a wastage of productive time and the effect is abided by patients, especially at short-staffed hospitals and medical centres. To improve the suffering of apprehensive patients, health care centres and setups are investing in developing mobile apps that can easily manage time and information efficiently. By using their Smartphones, patients can easily view the doctor’s information and set-up the appointments with them directly through their devices, thus, eliminating the cumbrous
process of calling the hospitals and medical centres and waiting for a receptionist to answer, thus figuring out the availability of a doctors. Even physicians and doctors are using these apps to track appointments, meetings, calls, schedules and other clinical responsibilities, thus making themselves available timely.

2 – Handling Digital Health Records Efficiently

Documenting pertinent health records of patients and medical centres efficiently. Patient’s significant medical data is one of the most crucial activities in a hospital environment. And, due to mismanagement and these records sometimes, get eliminated. And, doctors need these records time and again. These crucial information and details need ample storage space and a dedicated well-versed team to file and sort it. And, retrieval of these information is another key challenge in clinical settings. By using mobile apps doctors and medical officials can easily retrieve files easily and hence relevant health information and records can be accessed and managed properly. Now, it has become easy for doctors and medical officers to easily access the patient information including their medical history, confidential information, lab reports and discharge summary over a secure server. Through this process, physicians and doctors are enabled to access confidential and important information from even a remote location, whenever they want.


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