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In today’s highly technological world, mobile has become everything and if you aren’t using mobile, you are undoubtedly missing out a lot many things. And, text messaging is one of the important parts of mobile world. It is overly demanded and needed because of its simpler and easier functionality – you just need recipient’s mobile number to send text and pictures, but they too have text and data limits. And, this generated the need for instant messaging. Higher adoption rate and increased demand gave birth to lot many IMs in mobile world. They are so popular and highly adopted because they make connecting, talking and sending messages to friends and coworkers much simpler, and fun. And, the best part is for instant chatting and for getting registered in any messaging and chatting app all you need is a chat ID.

Messaging apps likeViber, Whatsapp,Instagram, WeChat and Snapchat — already adopted by millions of people for connecting with their friends and sharing text or images with each other. And, its increased adoption rate and higher popularity shows that they are going to become more popular and overly demanded in thenear future. And, that’s why the most popular apps that are able to sustain easily day after day, month after month, at the top of the appstores and leader boards and very popular among young users are – Messengers.

Moreover, messaging apps are also popular because they are used by other segments of audiences like – professionals, housewives and older generation, apart from being popular amongst young generation. Whether, you need to notify group of people about a last minute meeting, a conference call, a video chat or sharing some family pictures with all your friends and family members, an instant messaging can help you in all your tasks in a simpler, easier and fun way – that’s makes it so popular among everyone.

Instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp,Wechat and Snapchat allow users to instantly find their old lost friends and connect with them through easy registration and allow them to talk to each other and share almost anything – text, pictures and even videos. And, what makes them popular is most of these apps are free and can be used through a local WiFi connection or any internet connection to get activated.

Secret Sauce of Instant Messengers

Secret Sauce of Instant Messengers

Do you know what makes these apps overly demanded and popular – the initial appeal of the apps is simple. They are faster to use as compared to email or normal texting, and allow users to send text, links, video, photos and fun emoticons to friends more cost-effectively than traditional texting services that are offered by wireless carriers. The uses of Instant messengers are multiplying, though. Through these apps people can find their old lost friends and share their stuff with their friends. Now, many apps like Snapchat allow its users to send money another inside the app. And, apps like Line, a messaging app popular in Japan, lets users pay for products at brick-and-mortar retail stores by using Line Pay, the Line’s payments service.

Messaging apps users pick up their phones several times an hour. And, that makes messaging apps an epitome place to introduce and market other newly introduced products and offerings like games, virtual stickers or even physical goods.

For leveraging this rapidly increasing market of messengers, app development companies prefer to develop messaging apps to earn more revenue and value from them. But, developing a great messaging app like Whatsapp, SnapChat and Line requires a lot of skill and expertise. And, here at Parangat, our adept team of mobility experts and professionals come with deep industry expertise and experience in developing user and business centric messaging apps. To view our portfolio, visit here


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