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Thousands of websites are launched daily and the majority of them are non interactive and ungluing, because designers are missing that secret sauce of magical Interactions. If you are a web designer, developer, or someone whose business will soon rely on your website, ensures to consider these 9 tips (whose first part we have described in our previous blog) that you need to check before start designing your website. By doing so, I assure you that you will have the smoothest design ever, without a hitch!

Prediction 5: Websites

Through the Use of Storytelling however, storytelling by using a website is quite a tedious and complex endeavour. Through this type of interaction, the user can quickly run through all of the features of your website, without even knowing they are actually going through!In our previous blog we have mentioned a few websites such as For Better Coffee or Ice & Sky. They do an amazing job of integrating storytelling on their websites. They have used the power of Storytelling – they have educated their users on how to use their websites, or have educated them on the history of Antarctica in a quite fun, interactive, which resulted into a great learning experience.

Prediction 6: Hopping from Flat Design to Semi-flat design.

In recent years, flat design has slowly transformed into semi-flat design. After Windows launched its Metro style, the design world became deluge with this trend. Unfortunately, Semi-flat design style did come with its usability drawbacks. And, the trend has slowly transformed into semi-flat design. Today both Android’s and Apple’s releases using this type of style. Hence, by integrating depth and dimension through
the use of exquisite shadows, card, tile concepts and well-versed out transitions will help, guide and orient users, which makes semi-flat design a great medium to eliminate the challenges that flat design has already created.

Prediction 7: Parallax

Today most of the websites are utilizing parallax on their websites. Parallax is a type of effect that is applied to the speed and movement of background imagery. Parallax makes the movement of the background of the website at a different speed than the rest of the page, hence, caracoling layers of depth on the web page. Now computers
and related devices are getting better at handling such amazing effects on the web, thus enhancing the increased access to view these unique animations.  One of the examples for Parallax is – Scroll for Your Health. By employing Parallax, designers have made the site fun, interactive, and have educated its users on the present information like different fruits.

Prediction 8: Implementation of RWD

Every designer knows that after the implementation of RWD, there was no turning back. And, this resulted in more devices sold in the market, hence cradling and integrating responsive practices on websites, which in turn, will make the web space a much better place for all.

Prediction 9: Plodding Loading

Lazy loading makes websites more fun and interactive as it aids in viewing immediate website content without just waiting for the entire page to get loaded. This is one of the helpful ways for websites that are highly interactive and visual, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. In a world where information is constantly being nourishing our lives, lazy loading will help in simplifying the view of said content by loading only small parts at a time.

Prediction 10: More focus on a few of top-notch Web designing portals like Pinterest & Behance.

A few websites like Behance, Pinterest, Dribbble are the place where you can follow the updated design trends. You can check – What new trends, styles, functionalities and stories 2016 will bring for us, and what trends and movements will diminish within the next year and beyond.

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