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So, you want to design an amazing website. Its idea is unique and its visual designs are enticing. Do you know? -That’s not enough — as your design needs more; something enticing that can really connect with users and makes you feel alive. And, that’s where micro-interactions come in 2015 is almost done, and we are looking forward to the future of web design. We want to see – What new trends will pop up? Among those which ones will finally be put to rest? However, one can only predict, but we do have a few strong tell-tale signs of what we will be getting in the year 2016.More Unique Experiences with Responsive Web Design becoming even more omnipresent, laying out of webpages has slained into the same foreseeable patterns. In 2016, I predict we will be seeing more well-versed and well-thought out unique user experiences. And, to meet those, designers will be able to easily integrate personal touches to get more unique feel – they will get custom-created illustration work, hand-drawn artwork, and a unique new way to encompass a grid, or even an untraditional way of storytelling to their users.

Prediction 1: There will be a unique way of using the Grid

To make a website captivating it’s always great to add a pinch of organic freedom to an ordered grid layout. However, hoarding them isn’t a problem, because when a user rolls over on an image, the Z-index of the automatically selected image shifts, and hence, it will be pushed to the top of the pile of photos. On the scroll, the random arrangement of their logo falls into a place, which will result into spelling out their company name.

Prediction 2: Flood of Custom-Drawn illustrations

However, we’ve all thought sometimes like this – “Why should I craft another icon, when I can just pull it off from an already existing vector packs that are available over the web?” Most of the designers do this because this line of thinking helps them in saving time and budget constraints, but have you ever thought that how about integrating custom-made illustrations or any other artwork into the project budget in the first place only?A few of the case examples of sites are – Creative Freedom Guide, 2015 or Ice & Sky and For Better Coffee. In all these designs, designers integrate custom-made and hand-drawn illustration work that can greatly help in aiding and telling their story and leaving a mesmerizing experience for their target users.

Prediction 3: Enhanced and More Access to Amazing Typefaces

Every designer should be thankful to Google for its best free font collection. Since Google’s library is utilizing an amazing typeface on a confined budget. So, being a designer it can be easily met. With the varying styles, weights, families, fonts and the likes, ensure to select a few best-in-class typefaces that are tailored for any website.

Prediction 4: Cinemagraphs

Today most of the designers love cinemagraphs because just like videos and photography, Cinemagraphs enhances the desired look & feel of a website. It gives website an ancillary layer of elegance, wonder and magic. And, yes unlike videos, Cinemagraphs won’t guzzle as much bandwidth, and unlike photos, it provides “something more” than a simple steady and still shot. Since 2011 Cinemagraphs has been around for a while already. And, I hope to see it integrated into more business-centric websites in the near future.

If you would like to know more about any of the above mentioned points let us know in the comments below.

Part 2 of five points for Web Design Trends 2016 will be published in the next post.


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