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In recent years, mobile gaming industry has shown a steep rise because users are shifting from desktop gaming to mobile gaming. Do you know why?- Mobile is one of the most common product that everyone is having every day and every time. Recent technological advancements in technology and high adoption rate have given birth to increased usage of smartphones and tablets. And, that has given birth to lots and lots of apps and games. Apps and games are becoming common among users especially among Gen-Y. And, Mobile gaming has become emerging and fastest growing industry in IT world. Let’s take a look on a few reasons that have made mobile gaming one of the most popular industries today:

Mobile Gaming

1. As, we discussed, Mobile gaming is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in app world. Basically, because of two reasons – Firstly, Mobile gaming has acquired addicted gamers, who spend lots and lots of time on their mobile devices with rapidly increasing standards of games. Secondly, it is quickly acquiring many first time casual gamers, who hooked on to addictive games to make boredom a thing of past and lastly most of them become part of the first category.

2. However, Mobile Gaming as a category is increasing at a very faster rate as compared to different categories of mobile apps. But, mobile gaming itself is insanely competitive. Today many mobile app development companies and brands are adopting mobile gaming to gain revenue and value, both. According to recent reports, iOS App Store had more than 1.2 million apps. App stores are flooded with mobile games, and that’s why it has almost become impossible to create a game and expect people to just start playing. Mobile gaming has become an established business where you need to have a vast experience and expertise to create feature-packed and result driven products with an outstanding pre- and post-launch and marketing strategies. Even then, you can achieve success like the big mobile game leaders such as Angry Bird, Candy Crush and Cut The Rope achieved.

3. Availability of a huge array of App Stores apart from iOS and Google App Stores. As we all know, today mobile gaming is a hit or miss business. That’s why with the increasing number of apps and games, Appstores are also increasing at a rapid rate. Publishers and distributors are distributing their apps on numerous distribution channels rather than just relying on iOS and Google Play Store. And, it has proved worthy for many games as they ensure shot revenues. Distributing your games in the newer and emerging gaming markets like China, India, Brazil and Russia has also proved to be successful because the ARPUs generated are pretty low but the sheer number of gamers in those countries is more. And, that helps in getting the app downloaded, if it’s really worth of it.

So, if you understand and love mobile games and you want to be an exceptional game developer, you can go for it because it’s a great business to get into. But, if you are looking to create a game and make a quick buck, you better try something else. Parangat Technologies is an emerging mobile game development company that has helped a lot of brands and businesses to get their user-centric and revenue-centric games developed in a cost-effective manner. To know more visit our Portfolio.


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