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Which is better? – Mobile Application or Mobile Website

Which one to go for? – Mobile app or mobile web? – Mobile website is one of the perfect platforms to start with, if you are looking for wide marketing outreach. If you are planning to initiate a mobile presence for your business or brand, the very first question arises is – whether to develop a mobile website or a mobile application. If we see both of them at the same time, both mobile website and app look pretty much similar. So, which is the most suited to your business, depend upon various factors including target audiences, budget availability and many others.

What are the key differences between mobile app and mobile website?

Before you can assess the advantages of having a mobile website vs. mobile app, it’s important to understand the key differences between the two. However, both of them can be accessed on handheld devices including tablets and Smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry). We can say that a mobile site is very close and identical to any other website, which includes browser-based HTML pages that are connected and can easily be accessed over the internet (through WiFi or 3G or 4G networks). One of the key features that differentiate a website on the handset from a standard website is the fact that it mobile website is basically designed for the smaller handheld display and touch-screen interface. Just like any other website, a website designed for a handset display data images, text content and video. There are many other enticing mobile specific features, which can be accessed easily. That includes click-to- call, location-based mapping and many others.

Mobile apps are the real applications that can be downloaded and installed on the mobile device, rather than published with a browser. Today users have various devices like Android, Apple, Windows and BlackBerry. And, these AppStores have various apps to download from the play stores. Just like a website, the app also can extract and pull content and the data from the respective apps.

So, what to choose? – An App or a Website:

While making a decision between a native app and a mobile web, the choice solely depends on your end goals. The wise option would be to choose an app, if you are thinking of developing an interactive game. And, if you are planning to design a user-centric content to the widest target audience, then mobile website is the best option for the same. Generally, users consider a website on a handset. And, this becomes your first step for creating a mobile web presence, whereas an app is designed for a specific purpose which cannot be effectively done via a web browser.

Wrapping it up

“App vs Web” question is still a real consideration for various companies, who are looking forward to build a strong mobile presence. And, if your mobile goals are marketing-driven, and you are looking to provide the content and build a broad mobile presence that can be shared easily between the users and can be found on search engines, too then mobile website is the right choice. But if you are looking to provide a mobile app that needs to work like a computer program than a website, then app will best fit the requirements.