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CodeIgniter is the best framework for PHP developers, who want to build a comprehensive web application with numerous enhancing features and looking for a simple and elegant toolkit, then CodeIgniter is the best framework for them. In the web development space, PHP has emerged as an ideal programming language that provides different frameworks. It allows developers to develop most creative and innovative web applications and websites. Each and every PHP framework has been designed with captivating and striking features such as rapid development, easy to use, e-commerce friendly environment, feature-packed applications and many more.

However, many frameworks are available as open source platforms, which in turn, provide free web development. And, CodeIgniter is the best among them. CodeIgniter consists of the components that support robust, swift, easy-to-use and cost-effective web development. It comes with additional benefits that make the web application development light weighted and easy to use. And, that has made CodeIgniter Development Services as the perfect services in web development space. Developers who are looking for a change from one of those huge and undocumented frameworks, then CodeIgniter is the perfect choice.

Why CodeIgniter is a preferred framework for Web Development

CodeIgniter Enables Rapid and Hassle-free Development

CodeIgniter comes with the outstanding capabilities that enable it to provide an exceptional performance in a very short period of time. It is when compared with other frameworks, provides a lot of differentiating and ground-breaking possibilities. Let’s take a look on a few of them:

•    Configuring the CodeIgniter framework is not very difficult and tedious.

•    As CodeIgniter is full of various outstanding utilities, developers will not be required to spend more time on developing up the command line for adding in those utilities.

•    It allows the developers to complete their tasks within a given deadline, effortlessly.

•    It offers more easiness for web or software development.

•    CodeIgniter framework is basically based on the Model-View-Controller or MVC architecture. The Model-View-Controller connects the front-end and back-end. MVC evidently helps in separating the views from the back-end of the application that are getting developed. And, this separation between the front-end and the back-end of a web application makes the code more readable, kink-free and easy to understand. This facilitates the developer, who uses the CodeIgniter framework, to control the operations of front-end and the back-end.

•    CodeIgniter helps the developers make the web application compatible with other huge number of standard hosting accounts. These accounts have the ability to run a variety of PHP configurations and versions.

•    CodeIgniter provides huge opportunities and great flexibility allowing developers create classes for email, zip coding, file uploading, FTP, XML-RPC, etc. And, this allows hassle-free naming of the database tables or the models after the tables.

•    It provides outstanding opportunities to web developers. As they can feel more endowed by owing the inherent attributes of CodeIgniter. And, this enables them not to ponder on any more templating language to develop web applications.

Undoubtedly, CodeIgniter helps in developing robust, flexible, secure and search engine friendly web applications. And, the applications and websites that are developed by using this toolkit are considered to be highly secure, reliable and cost-effective. By using the popular templating engines such as Twig and Smarty, it allows to include additional features and functionalities in the web application. Moreover, CodeIgniter is equipped with various feature-packed resources and in-built libraries which encompass so many codes already written. Due to its simple, robust and easy to use interface, developers can easily access those libraries and use the pre-written codes, which in turn, enable quick, secure, reliable and cost-effective web development. As CodeIgniter comes with the variety of quality web development solutions, hence, it is helpful for both the users as well as for the developers. And, this makes CodeIgniter Development as one of the most preferred frameworks and stands among the most preferable and reliable open source platforms for developing PHP based web applications adopted by a vast number of businesses for their PHP application development.

With all these outstanding features, CodeIgniter today has become prime choice for CodeIgniter Web Development Companies. And, that’s why Parangat Technologies is leveraging the capabilities of this platform to deliver some exceptional results. Being a leading CodeIgniter Web Development Company, based in India, we have developed some amazing web applications that have helped business generate value and revenue, both.


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